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Neglect Your Entryway No More

August 17, 2018 0

If you’ve been neglecting your entryway and are looking to make a change, there are a few steps you need to take to make improvements. First, for a strong first impression on your friends and family, you’ll want to choose a quality entry door in Brampton, ON. Don’t worry, revamping your entrance is easier than you may think. Let’s get started.

Patio Door: Classic Colours vs. Vibrant Colours

There seems to be a divide among the homeowners here in the GTA: classic, neutral entry door colours and bright, stand-out ones. Do you know which you lean toward? A few examples:

  • Reds and maroons—classic: a long-standing classic colour believed to invite good energy into the home.
  • Blacks and greys—classic: perfectly balanced between modern and traditional.
  • Deep blue—classic: a natural colour, yet a unique choice. Blue of any shade is welcoming and enhances curb appeal.
  • Shades of white and creams—classic: fresh, crisp, and clean for a soft touch.
  • Canary yellow—vibrant: yellow is a happy, inviting colour. And, chances are, no one else in the neighborhood has it.
  • Eggplant indigo/purple—vibrant: not too feminine, not too masculine. Dark, yet bold enough to draw attention.
  • Lime green—vibrant: again, another happy hue with loads of energy.
  • Powder blue—vibrant: fun and bright. 


If your entryway, on either side of your Brampton, ON entry door, is plagued by clutter, experts suggest homeowners stick to these four rules:

  1. No incoming mail deposits. Incoming bills, cards, and mail-marketing have a way of building up fast. Designate another location in the home meant for sifting mail.
  2. Functional and needed furniture only. The entryway is not the space in your home for unneeded and decorative furniture. This is not to say your furniture can’t be attractive, but it needs to serve your lifestyle: helping little one put on their snowsuits and scarves, stowing jackets and shoes, dog harnesses and leashes, etc.  
  3. Utilize your vertical real estate: keys can be placed in a fashionable bowl, coats hang on hooks, a family message board, etc.
  4. Weekly “sweeps” to clear out clutter. Muddy shoes, children’s sports gear, and bicycles do not belong on your front step (nor do they belong just inside the door).

Personalize it

Your entryway communicates who you are and what your family is about to anyone who visits you. Proudly display your memories on a designated “display wall.” This could include framed children’s artwork, decorative mirrors, memorable photos, your favorite piece of art, hanging shadow boxes with significant ticket stubs and trinkets from your favorite vacation spots, etc. Remember, your home should be your sanctuary; your pride and joy. Make your space something you love. Make it yours.

No more neglecting your home’s entrance. Our team here at Brock Doors and Windows want to work with you to improve your entryway with one of our entry doors in Brampton, ON. Give us a call at (905) 791-2850 or visit our showroom us at 278 Orenda Road | Brampton, ON, L6T 4X6. See you soon!

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