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Selecting Replacement Windows or Doors for York, Ontario Homeowners

Window Replacement York OntarioYou’ve finally made the decision to replace your existing windows and even some of the entry doors for your York home. That’s an important decision because of all potential home improvement projects, replacement windows and doors stand as one of the top five investments to make.

It also means you shouldn’t go into this process without taking time to go over various questions. Some of these questions are going to help you narrow your focus, find the right windows and doors, and even choose the optimal company for your needs and your family’s.

1. How much do I want to spend on these replacement windows or doors?

This is arguably the most important first question you should be asking yourself. If you don’t know how much you’re comfortable with or willing to spend on replacement windows or doors, you could end up spending way more than you can afford. If that happens, it can affect many other aspects of your life, and it could have the potential to cost you your entire house if you begin missing mortgage payments.

You might want to replace every window and door in your home right now, but your budget might not allow that to happen. At this time. However, knowing your budget will allow you to stick to it, even if you’re tempted by different size windows, different styles, or more expensive doors.

Sit down with your spouse, partner, or anybody else who has a financial stake in your house to determine how much you’re willing to spend for these replacement windows and doors.

2. What’s the difference between cheap and expensive windows?

In truth there is a big difference between inexpensive, entry-level style windows and more expensive ones. Just with double hung windows you will find prices ranging from a little over $100 per window to several hundred dollars per window.

The difference can be in quality, durability, and even energy efficiency. If you choose the cheapest possible windows you can find, you might feel great about the money you saved. However, you will be spending more to heat your home throughout the winter, to cool it during summer, and you will notice the quality is so poor that components may break before long.

Take time to see the actual difference, to try windows out, and determine what more expensive windows offer you. It may be worth the investment to spend a little more now to save more in the long run.

3. What is the condition of the window frames in your home right now?

If you don’t know whether your current window frames are in good condition or have been exposed to moisture and are showing signs of decay and rot, it could be problematic when it comes time to install them.

Most window frames are going to be in relatively good condition. That’s because the flashing and insulation as well as weather stripping on the outside of the window was done properly. However, if the existing windows were not installed properly, moisture could have been getting around the window itself and rotting the frame for years.

You might not see it, so it’s best to have an experienced window professional come out to your home and visually inspect your existing windows and determine whether the frames appear to be in good condition. Removing the molding or part of the window frame might be needed in order to determine this.

4. Do I want to change the size of the windows or doors?

Replacing the windows and doors in your home is a significant investment. It’s also a great opportunity to completely transform any room in your home, or the entire appearance of your house.

You may have a single, simple front door and envision a much larger door or even a double door. You may have a couple double hung windows in the bedroom and believe that beautiful picture or bay window would look better.

This is something to seriously consider before making a decision about any replacement windows and doors. If you decide later on that you would’ve been happier with larger or smaller windows or doors, it’s going to be too late unless you want to purchase another brand new item and pay for the work to have it resized and installed.

5. Do I want to change the style?

As we noted in the previous question, you have an opportunity to completely change the type of windows that you have in any room of your house. You may have an old, worn out picture window in the living room and want to install a bay or bow window. This is the time to do that.

You may also have a double hung window in the bathroom and feel a casement window would work much better. You may also prefer to have a frosted window in the bathroom that is fixed and then install a casement window on top for ventilation or to have fresh air moving into the room.

6. Will the company you choose serve you best?

Choosing the right windows and doors for your home is important, but arguably more important is choosing the right company. The only way to truly answer this question is to visit a couple different companies, speak to their sales representatives, and see the selection of replacement windows and doors they offer.

Once you do this, you should be able to determine which company is going to best serve your specific needs. The company should be able to install the windows themselves rather than subcontracting out the work to another company or contractor.

Once you take the time to go over all of these questions, you will be on the right path to choose the optimal and ideal replacement windows and doors for your York home. If you have any other questions, contact Brock Doors and Windows today.

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