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5 Steps to Begin the Process of Choosing Replacement Windows and Doors in Oakville, Ontario

Window Replacement Oakville OntarioWhen you head out to the store to purchase a new item for your home, depending on the item, you may approach the process somewhat differently. For example, you might be in the market for a brand new flat screen TV. There are many options to choose from, yet you might not know what’s available until you get to the store, see the different sizes and prices, and then narrow down your focus.

You might want the largest TV you can get within your budget. That would likely mean you have to give up certain features or clarity to afford it. When it comes to choosing replacement windows and doors for your Oakville home, the process is somewhat similar, at least on the surface.

However, once you dig a little deeper, you begin to realize how important it is to focus on the product, including quality and options, rather than price right from the start.

The average Oakville home has approximately 14 windows and three entry doors. The average cost of a replacement window could range from anywhere between $150 and $750. However, the $150 replacement window is generally going to be an entry level, cheaply made window that can certainly save you money in the short term, but is going to cost you money in the long run.

In order to avoid making any mistakes with this home improvement project, follow these five steps and you will be much happier and feel more comfortable with your decision.

1. Figure out what windows you need or want to replace.

This also goes for doors in your home. You may have some interior doors or entry doors that are old, worn out, and are in serious need of replacement. No matter which windows or doors you’re looking to replace, go around your home and prioritize all of them.

Figure out which windows can stay for a little longer, if necessary. Ideally the best and most cost effective process is to replace all of the windows in your home at once, but depending on your budget, this might not be feasible.

Once you determine the priority of the windows and doors to replace, it will help you when shopping around for those products.

2. Find the right company.

There are plenty of door and window companies serving the Oakville area. Having options is a great thing, but just because there are numerous companies doesn’t mean they are all created equally. Some companies place the customer first while others focus on their bottom line profits.

Some companies are relatively new, are small operations that don’t actually have a physical store presence, or whose installers and sales people aren’t very experienced with replacement windows or doors. Make sure you choose a company like Brock Doors and Windows that has extensive experience, a long history of placing the customers’ needs and desires first, and being there to support their customers for many years.

You may only need to look into replacement windows and doors once every 10, 15, or 20 years, but choosing the right company is still essential.

3. Ask questions and learn as much as you can.

When you go into a store and look at a flat screen TV, you’re likely to ask several questions of the salesperson there. These questions are meant to help you understand the products, features, and what is most important to you.

That’s the same concept that should be used when shopping for replacement doors and windows. Go in and ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand everything that is important to you with regard to those windows and doors.

If you are at a store and the salesperson doesn’t seem interested in answering your questions, seems annoyed by so many questions you have, or just hands you a pamphlet and tells you to read up about them, that’s not the company you should choose when purchasing those windows and doors.

The right company will be more than willing to answer questions and will actually encourage more questions.

4. Gather price information on various windows and doors.

As we noted, there is a relatively wide range of prices when it comes to replacement windows. The same holds true for replacement doors. Shop around and see the price ranges of various windows. Then begin to compare the quality, energy efficiency, and other options with regard to those windows.

You’ll begin to notice that even with several different companies, the prices are relatively similar with regard to quality. You can certainly choose the cheapest windows you can find, but those will be the lowest quality as well. If you’re shopping for replacement windows and doors for your home, you should focus on better quality products.

Of course, if you are shopping for a rental property you own, it may be tempting to just get the cheapest windows, but replacement windows and doors can actually increase the value of the home. That’s something to consider as well.

5. Ask about installation.

Not all window and door companies will have on-staff installers. This means if you need those windows installed, they will either hand you off to a private, independent contractor that is not directly associated with them, or give you a list of potential contractors whom you’ll have to call.

It’s important to have a certified installer put the windows and doors in your home. That’s because every window and door will have a warranty. Not all manufacturers will honor those warranties if their products are not installed by somebody certified to do so.

Following these five steps will ensure that you choose the right windows for your home, your family, and your budget. If you want to learn more, contact Brock Doors and Windows today.

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