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3 Key Tips to Help You Find the Right Replacement Windows and Doors in Whitby, Ontario

Window Replacement Whitby OntarioFinding the right replacement doors or windows for your Whitby home is important. Not only will they keep your home warmer during the winter, cooler during the summer, but they can also keep you safer as well.

Most of the heat that your furnace generates during the winter is lost through the windows and doors. Drafty windows and doors are a major problem and can cost you a significant amount of money every month.

Anybody who is trying to get into your home will first try to gain access through one of the entry doors. If they can’t get through these doors, they will look for weak points in the windows. That’s why it is so important to choose the right products when replacing those windows and doors.

Below are three tips that can help you find the ideal replacement windows or doors for your Whitby home.

Why Your Approach Matters

First and foremost, how you approach an important decision is going to impact the decision you end up making. If you don’t believe this, think about the prospect of buying a new car.

A new car is a significant expense. It’s not an investment because the moment you drive that car off the lot, it’s already worth less money. Replacement windows and doors can actually increase the value of your home, so it’s an investment.

Let’s go back to the new car example. If you don’t have a clue about what type of vehicle you want, you might go to a car dealer just to look around at the various options. It can be overwhelming when you begin to see the SUVs, sports cars, sedans, and economy class vehicles you could choose from.

You might have a significant commute to work and that would make a fuel efficient vehicle the better option. However, you might have three or four children to tote around to various activities after school, in which case an SUV might make more sense.

The salesperson will come up to you and read your body language, take certain notice of the things you say, and then guide you to the most expensive vehicle he or she believes you’d be interested in. That immediately takes control of the decision making process out of your hands.

When you’re committing to $300, $500, or even $1,000 a month for a car payment, your approach certainly should make it big difference and it should be something you take time to seriously consider. So let’s talk about three things that can help you find the right replacement windows or doors, or both, for your Whitby home.

1. Determine a budget you are comfortable with.

Your budget is going to be one of the most important things to consider from the beginning. If you don’t have a clue how much you are comfortable with spending or can’t afford, you could actually spend so much on replacement windows and doors that it could make paying your mortgage or other bills difficult, if not impossible.

You may be approved for a $10,000 loan for these products, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and spend it if it’s not something you can repay comfortably. Sit down and figure out your finances and determine a workable budget.

The average cost of a window is $250 to $750. The average cost of an entry door can range between $700 to several thousand dollars. Interior doors can range from $30 to over $200 per door. The average Whitby home has 14 windows, three entry doors, and six interior doors. That’s just an average. From that, you can estimate how much replacement windows and doors might cost for your home.

2. Choose the right company.

The “right” company is not always the one that offers lowest prices or is closest to you. The right door and window company is one that has experience, a solid reputation, and offers a lot of styles, sizes, and options.

Brock Doors and Windows is a company that has been helping Whitby homeowners for years to get the ideal replacement doors and windows. Their customers have a tendency to be completely satisfied with their purchase and the company also offers great support even long after the windows or doors have been installed.

3. Figure out what you want for every single room in your house.

This may seem overly obvious, but far too many homeowners just assume they can only replace their old, worn out, broken down windows or doors with something similar. For example, they might choose double hung windows to replace the standard double hung windows in the bedrooms, not realizing they could completely transform that room with a bay window, bow window, picture window with double hung windows on either side, casement windows, and much more.

You also have options such as cut ups that can make a single window appear to be a series of smaller windows. There are so many options to choose from with regard to windows that you should take the time to evaluate each room for what it offers. There may be a wonderful view of your outside garden beyond your master bedroom, but the two double hung windows simply don’t do it justice or provide the opportunity to enjoy it from the comfort of that room.

When you consider these three things, you will ultimately make the right decision about replacement doors and windows for your Whitby home. In the meantime, if you have any preliminary questions, don’t hesitate to contact Brock Doors and Windows today.

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