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6 Considerations People Make when Choosing the Right Replacement Windows and Doors in Ajax, Ontario

Window Replacement Ajax OntarioChoosing any replacement window or door for your Ajax, ON home is certainly a personal decision, but there are numerous considerations you should make before committing to any decision. Far too often, people rush through this process because they don’t understand how important it is for their home, its value, and their security.

Another common problem that people face when looking into replacement doors or windows is that they don’t have prior experience shopping for them. You may purchase a brand new TV every few years or a new car once every five or six years, but when you’re talking about windows for your home or even entry doors, you may only shop for them once in your lifetime, if that.

However, since you’re reading this article, you’ve already decided that it’s reasonable to look into this home improvement project. It’s an important one.

The average window or door in a home will last for between 10 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the windows and doors as well as how much use they see. For example, an entry door that was cheap to begin with and gets a lot of use and abuse by slamming, throwing it open, banging it, and other issues is not going to last nearly as long as a much higher quality oak entry door that is rarely used.

Still, we look at averages, so since the average life expectancy of windows or doors is between 10 to 20 years, you might only have to deal with the situation once. That means you may not have the right information on hand to make the best decision for yourself, your budget, your house, and your family.

We have put together six considerations that people commonly make when they choose the ideal replacement windows and doors. Go over these before contacting a window company like Brock Doors and Windows. You’ll feel much more comfortable with the approach and process, and you feel more confident knowing you’re going to make the best decision.

1. Personal tastes.

You may notice a friend or family member has a house with incredible windows and you wish your home looked the same. You might talk it over with your wife or husband and they tell you that those styles simply won’t work in your home.

Maybe he or she has a different palette with regard to interior design. It’s a good idea to have a concept of what style of windows or doors you might be interested in for your home. That doesn’t mean they will work in your specific Ajax home, but it will help you narrow your focus from the beginning.

You can even have a window professional come out to your home and offer a consultation for free that can provide you insight into what might look best in each room in your home.

2. Your budget.

The budget you have for this home improvement project is crucial. If you are only willing to spend $2,500 on replacing all of the windows in your home, you may focus on only the cheapest possible windows you could find.

This isn’t going to do you, your house, or your family any good. If your budget is limited, you can always consider replacing the windows in a couple of rooms at a time. It’s better to do that and get the optimal windows than to choose the cheapest kind and regret it in a matter of weeks.

3. The size of your windows.

When you are considering replacement windows, you are facing an opportunity to completely change the look and feel of any room in your house. For example, a bedroom might have two double hung windows along one wall separated by 4 feet of wall space.

This might not take advantage of the incredible sunlight that comes in during the afternoon and evening hours. You may envision completely opening up that wall with a gorgeous bay window bordered by two casement windows to allow fresh air to move through during the spring and summer months.

The same holds true for your living room, family room, den, kitchen, and any other room in your house. Think about what each room might look like with a different size window.

4. Energy efficiency.

Living in Ajax, you know all about the harsh winters that we experience on a regular basis. 40 percent of your home’s heat is lost through drafty windows and doors. Replacing them with much more energy efficient products is going to save you money every single month that you run your heating and even cooling systems.

Each homeowner is going to have a different amount of money they can save through highly energy efficient replacement doors and windows. You can’t compare your potential savings with your neighbor’s, especially if they have a tendency to set their thermostat differently than you.

Focus on energy efficiency and understand that a more significant investment now can pay dividends for the next 10, 15, or even 20 years.

5. Installation.

If you choose a window contractor or company that doesn’t install windows themselves or outsources to independent contractors, you won’t know the person will be coming to your home. It’s best to choose a company that has on staff installers.

Not only will these installers likely be certified to install the actual windows you purchase, they will also generally have much more experience with these important home improvement projects.

6. Warranty.

Every single replacement window and door will come with some type of warranty from the manufacturer. Rarely do these warranties ever have to be used, but is important to have them considering the investment you make in them.

If you decide to install the windows yourself or hire your own contractor to try to save money, it could violate the warranty, depending on the manufacturer. Make sure you understand all aspects about the warranty, what it covers, and who should install those windows in order for the manufacturer to honor it.

If a window or door is not installed properly, it may not function properly and therefore the manufacturer might not be liable for those issues.

If you want to be guaranteed the best quality products, service, and installation, get in touch with the professionals at Brock Doors and Windows today.

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