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The Older Home

August 20, 2018 0

Owning an older home means you are part of the target demographic for the replacement window industry. There’s no plainer way to say this: home improvement companies often try to convince homeowners their windows—every last one of them—need replacing. But, this isn’t always true.

Let’s go over the real reasons homeowners of older homes may need to consider Toronto, ON replacement windows, as well as what style options to choose.

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Windows in an Older Home 

The average homeowner moves every 10-15 years, so many never experience the process of choosing replacement windows for an older home. But, there are plenty of residents who stay in their homes for a lifetime. In general, windows should last close to 20 years, minimum. Lots of factors can affect their longevity, though. Factors such as weather, maintenance, temperature fluctuations, quality of installation, and manufacturer(s) all play a role in how long your windows will last. That said, let’s go over the top five reasons your older home may be on the brink of a window replacement project:

  1. The heating and cooling bill is climbing. This could be the HVAC system, but this could also be older windows in need of replacement.
  2. The exterior is outdated or deteriorating.
  3. They open too easily. This may sound odd, but older model windows may no longer lock properly, even if they seem to. To test them: place a hand flat on the locked window and shake it; if it unlocks, it’s time to replace it.
  4. Maintenance is getting to be too much. Newer models can tilt into the home, making it much easier to clean and restain than climbing a ladder.
  5. Excessive outside noise. Live near a city or school? Newer windows will help mask the outside noise.


Window Styles


Not all current window styles make sense for an older home or a home meant to look vintage. Great options for an older style home are:

  • Arched and radius windows. In both styles, the bottom half of the window is rectangular while the top is arched or in a half circle. These both bring softness to a room—especially appealing in craftsman style and Victorian homes.
  • Single hung and double hung. A traditional farmhouse style home has windows that are taller than they are wide. Both single and double hung windows add character and adhere to older home styles well.  
  • Casement windows with muntins. Muntins can create a double hung look with the modernity of casement operability.
  • Bay or bow windows. These are quintessential to the older style home and add extra space.
  • Transom windows and sidelights. Framing the entry door is a great upgrade that will add natural like without compromising the vintage aesthetic.

At Brock Doors and Windows Ltd., our professionals look forward to working with you and upgrading your older home without losing its character. When you’re ready to begin your Toronto, ON replacement window project, come and visit us at 278 Orenda Road, Brampton, ON, L6T 4X6. Or, give us a call at (905) 791-2850. We can’t wait to work with you!

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