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How To Warm Up your Exterior Front Entrance for Fall

September 20, 2012 0

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While it’s hard to say our good-bye to Summer, the touch of Fall has a way of charming its way in, doesn’t it? The brisk weather makes you feel like cozying up in your favourite sweater and taking a long walk to gaze at the beautiful colours this time of year brings.

This is the perfect opportunity to warm up the outside of your home. Here are some easy ways to give your exterior front entrance a touch of Fall:

  1. Exchange bright potted flowers from Summer with Autumn Mums or Asters.
  2. Hang a Fall inspired wreath or container with faux fruit and flowers in warm colours on the front door – this will create an inviting and festive feeling for your guests.
  3. As Halloween approaches, add some pumpkins (but keep the carving for later).
  4. Go one step further, and add some corn stocks to the sides of your front door.

Happy Fall everyone!

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