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The Summer Upgrade Your Patio Needs Most

August 13, 2018 0

Summertime calls for all sorts of events: gatherings with friends, family cookouts, and lots of sun. After all, here in Canada, we have short summers and long winters—so it’s important we soak up as much enjoyment as we can outdoors. That said, you may be like many homeowners and feel your patio needs some sprucing up. What better way to do that then with a new patio door from Brampton, ON?

The experts at Brock Doors and Windows invite you to look around your patio with an unbiased eye. Do you like what you see? Is your current patio door sufficient in attractiveness and functionality? If the answer is truly “no,” it’s time for an upgrade.

Frankly, there may be more your patio needs than a minor change or two, But, we’re going to address the most important upgrade, first: a new patio door.

Complementing You Space with a Beautiful Brampton Patio Door

Your patio space can be as beautiful as those you see in the magazines, but if your patio door is lacking in attractiveness, it will pull the ambiance of your entire space down. Here are a couple patio door style suggestions, based on the look you may have (or want):

  • Garden Door: this style is best suited for traditional, country/farmhouse, Cape Cod, and antique style homes.
  • Sliding Door (with one moving door panel): this is a great addition for any style home but is most often used in traditional, modern, and mid-century modern style homes.  

Of course, there are many variations of Brampton, ON patio doors within these two styles. Homeowners can opt for multi-slides, added grilles, various dimensions, and numerous colours and finishes. What’s important is that you do one of two things when selecting a door:

  1. Choose a patio door that works with the colours, style, and space you have. If you have a large wall where your current patio door is, but you desire more natural light in your home, work with a reputable company to widen the opening and install large-panel or multi-slide doors.
  2. Choose a patio door style that is in keeping with the ambiance you wish to create. Your decor and furniture colours can be built upon the tone your new door sets.

And, of course, do your research about manufacturers and installation experts in the GTA. You want quality products and workmanship.

Choosing Patio Furniture

It’s all too easy to feel excited about a lovely patio display and impulse-buy. Then, you arrive home to discover the colours and materials conflict with your patio door. Worse, you could find that the set you chose “because it was on sale” doesn’t even fit with the dimensions of your deck or yard space. A few pointers:

  • Take measurements so you know how much space you have to work within.
  • Take pictures so you can more easily envision a specific set or piece before you buy.
  • Spend time shopping around.
  • Jump online to gain creative ideas for repurposing pieces you already have (this could save you money).

To get the most out of your summertime patio experience with those you love, give the pros at Brock Doors and Windows a call at (905) 791-2850 or visit us at 278 Orenda Road | Brampton, ON, L6T 4X6. We look forward to working with you and helping you start on your space with one of our Brampton, ON patio doors.

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