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Using Replacement Windows to Improve Your Home and Your Life

August 10, 2018 0

New windows are one of the home’s most striking features, if selected wisely and installed correctly. If your home is a bit older and in need of an upgrade, perhaps you should consider replacement windows in Toronto, ON. Think about it: new windows will provide you with better ventilation, ease of operation, and increased natural light—improvements from what you’re currently receiving from your current windows.

Today, there is an abundance of window manufacturers and installation companies and they all claim to be the “best” for you, the homeowner. Who’s to know which company to work with or what to choose? At Brock Doors and Windows, we pride ourselves on quality products, superior service, and sound guidance for our clients. That said, let’s review how replacement windows will improve your home.

Design Elements and Energy Efficiency  

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to choosing the right Toronto, ON replacement windows. Luckily, you don’t have to know everything. Some specifics, though, are helpful for homeowners to know:

  • Low-E: stands for “low emittance.” This is a coating that mitigates and minimizes damaging sun rays and reflecting heat back toward its source. This improves your home by protecting your furniture and floors from sun fading and assists your HVAC system in regulating indoor temperatures.
  • Gas-filled glass: typically includes Argon or Krypton and further increases the energy efficiency in your home.
  • IG units: “insulated glass units” refers to the number of insulated glass planes of a particular option.

Home Life Improvements You and Your Family Will Love

Replacement windows in your Toronto home will do more than just look nice and increase the energy efficiency in your home. They will also improve your everyday life. Here’s how:

  • More light means more happiness. According to modern scientific and medical journals, adding natural light to your home and to your day-to-day experience increases happiness and overall contentment in humans.
  • More light means more productivity. Again, we now know that added natural light increases energy and productivity, which will help at home with chores and personal or professional projects.  
  • More light means better sleep. You read that right; more natural light throughout the daytime positively impacts how much sleep you get at night.
  • Better views. Obviously, bigger windows and thinner frames (as seen more and more, among top-of-the-line manufacturers) make for clearer views of your yard and scenic surroundings. Plus, parents will enjoy keeping a closer eye on their children at play.
  • Increased value. Replacement windows, as a home upgrade, are at the top of the list. Windows are a key feature that potential buyers in Toronto are looking to see in excellent condition, offering superior thermal protection, and adding to the overall aesthetic of the home.

Remember, replacement windows in Toronto, ON with Brock Doors and Windows will significantly improve your home in more ways than one. We can’t wait to work with you, so give our professionals a call at (905) 791-2850 or come, visit us at our showroom at 278 Orenda Road, Brampton, ON L6T 4X6. See you soon!

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