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Home Design Ideas You Don’T Want To Miss!

July 02, 2018 0

It’s likely that you arrived here, at this article, because you’re searching for design ideas for your home. Aren’t we all? We’re just inundated with ideas to upgrade our home spaces constantly. It’s no wonder we’re all squirrely to transform our spaces!

What makes the home so “homey” is when the inhabitants find a perfect balance between style and comfort. Creating a design inside which successfully invites our family and friends to gather is our collective goal, am I right? But, finding the right balance isn’t easy. So, let’s review some ideas that should help you in your search for the right changes to make in your Toronto, ON home!

Sophistication isn’t ONLY for “empty nesters!”

Believe me when I tell you: you do not have to wait until the kids are grown and out of your house to do some serious, sophisticated decorating in your home. You really can design a space that includes all ages; even the adults. If you have small children, your limitations aren’t as significant as you think they are. Yes, you do need to avoid sharp edges, easily stained fabrics, low-reaching locks on windows and doors, and window treatments with long cords—but absolutely choose the colours and style you love!

Be smart about your saving and splurging
Budgets are headaches. No one likes to feel restricted! But, when you are planning out your budget for home upgrades, think first about the pieces that are going to cost most. Focus on these, give yourself some wiggle room—before you break the bank on accessories (you know, don’t go buying decorative vases for your built-ins before you pay for the built-ins…). For example, a new fireplace or a new entry door can range greatly in price. Do some research and see what range these items fall into—don’t just assume the median price applies to you!

Do your best to choose timeless touches

If you tend toward a contemporary design, you should look for classic and modern pieces that won’t go out of style. Note: this does not mean you need to tone down your style and personality! Just take an honest step back and look at the pieces you’re considering: will this still look good in your home in three to six years?

Let your light shine
If possible, surround every room in your home with windows. No room should be dark—unless, of course, you have a theater room in your home; that should probably be a dark room! But, seriously, your living room, bedrooms, kitchen—all of these spaces will encourage more productivity and enjoyment if they’re well-lit. Of course, we can help you with this!

If you’re still looking for inspiration to kick-start your interior re-design, please come visit the Brock Doors and Windows showroom! Our expert staff would love to meet with you and show you our home windows in Toronto customization options. Let’s start small—with your entry door—and move on from there, together!

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