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Knowing the correct names for the various parts of your windows can help you to avoid confusion when the time comes to seek replacements and/or repairs. Personally, as someone who works in this industry¸ I know we have our own language. Window manufacturers, installers, contractors—there are a variety of terms we’re familiar with and every once in a while, we forget the general public is unfamiliar with them! So, let’s get you up to speed, shall we?

If you are looking for replacement windows or parts, keep reading to learn a bit of our lingo here at Brock Doors and Windows, as it applies to our double-hung windows, so you know how to talk with your window installation specialist in Toronto with ease!

Exterior & interior parts: DOUBLE-HUNG WINDOW

This style is the most popular among homes that are traditional, cottage, country chic, antique, and historical. Their outside parts include:

  • Frame: the outline/framework which surrounds and supports the window system.
  • Head: the horizontal portion of the frame at the top of the window.
  • Jambs: The vertical portions of the frame on the sides of the window.
  • Sill: The horizontal portion of the window frame at the bottom of the window.
  • Jambliner: a strip on the sides of the window frame which provide for a snug fit of the window sash (see below).

As for their interior, we have:

  • Balance: this is a mechanical device (typically spring-loaded) in both single- and double-hung window styles; counterbalances the sash’s weight during the operation (opening/closing) of the window.
  • Lift: pretty self-explanatory; this is the portion of the window used to raise and lower the sash to open/close it.
  • Sash: the movable portion of the window comprised of the horizontal and vertical frame holding the glass.
  • Sash lock: the locking mechanism in
  • Glass: this is the… glass.

Why you’ll love this style

Double-hung windows are perfectly traditional, yet they come with modern technology that any homeowner would appreciate. These days, double-hung windows are created to be easy to maintain. In fact, Brock double-hung windows are specifically developed for ease of cleaning. Remember when we went over what a “sash” is? Ours have sashes that tilt in so you can clean both sides from inside the comfort of your home. What does this mean for you? No more climbing ladders or using long-handled tools! Your windows get to shine like new without you risking your own safety!  That’s not all you’ll love… check out these quick-fact benefits:

  • Airflow advantage: with the top-down, bottom-up operation allows you control over how much airflow you want to invite in.
  • Energy efficiency: be sure to ask your Brock expert about our glass coating options to keep your Toronto home cool in the summer and warm in the loooooong winters we have here.
  • Noise protection: everyone wants their peace and quiet when the time comes to wind down—there’s no need to hear the goings-on in the neighbourhood 24/7!

Come and practice what you’ve learned with us here at Brock Doors and Windows! We’d love to meet you and discuss any further questions you may have. See you soon!

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