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4 Smart Summer Home Upgrades

June 25, 2018 0

Summertime is the time for home reno! This is the #1 season for starting—and finishing—home improvement projects. It makes sense, what with the long sunny days and extra daylight, why wouldn’t summertime be the right time to kick-start (or finish up) your upgrade plans?

Whether you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space, increase your home’s energy efficiency, or try your hand in some Feng Shui, Brock Doors and Windows has your home windows Toronto, ON covered! We’ve highlighted 4 smart home projects for you to consider this season—check ‘em out!

  1. Fresh paint
    Giving your exterior a fresh new layer of paint does wonders. Even if you go with the same colour as you’ve always had, the new application freshens the home and makes it look years Plus, think about our tough winters—when the first frost hits us this fall, your chances for repainting are over for the year.
  2. A new patio door
    Beautiful summer evenings are a lot more enjoyable when your patio space looks put together. A significant part of a completed look is a good, quality, attractivepatio door. Envision what a large, garden-style sliding patio door system would do for your space! Here at Brock, our Imagine Patio Doors are suited for every style of home: country, urban, farmhouse, traditional… You can’t go wrong. The best part? The Imagine is Energy Star Need more convincing to tackle this home upgrade?
  • A new patio door is an instant upgrade to an outdated exterior
  • Increased security (how would you say your current, old patio door is doing in the safety department for you and your family?)
  • A quality patio door from Brock will arrest and decrease your climbing energy bills.
  1. Skylight
    Oh, to have natural light flooding your inside space from every direction—doesn’t that sound dreamy? Not only are skylights a beautiful addition to the bathroom, master bedroom, hallway, etc., they also add significant value to your home! Looking to sell one day in the near future? Know that a skylight is considered a luxury addition (which helps you to add money to your list price!). What’s more—skylights and the tons of extra light they add are good for your health. You read that right! Exposure to natural light is now a proven way to nourish your mind and lessen stress and anxiety.
  2. Update weather stripping
    Definitely, the warmer months are the time to prep your home for the harshness of winter looming just months from now. Fixing the drafts from your windows and doors can greatly reduce your heating and cooling loss throughout the year. Luckily, this is an easy and inexpensive update most homeowners can handle themselves! 

The team at Brock Doors and Windows wants your family to feel refreshed and excited to be home this summer! We will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss some doors and windows options. Call us today!

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