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2018: What’S Trending In Home Design

July 06, 2018 0

There’s a huge number of homeowners out there looking to keep their homes trendy, relevant, and inviting inside. Interior design is an economic driving force because it’s ever-changing and at the forefront of entertainment these days (think: HGTV, the Gaines family, Property Brothers, etc.).

Here at Brock Doors and Windows, we pay attention to the trends and home interior themes throughout the year because they directly influence the buying trends in our industry: windows and doors. You see, as people look at their current homes and want to make improvements, they reach out to our professionals for upgrade advice. That said, the trends currently rising to the top are as follows…

Home design trend for 2018 #1: BOLD DECISIONS 

This doesn’t mean you have to transform your home into Willy Wonka’s living space—but dare to be a bit bold with some of your choices. Splurge for that oversized wingback chair in olive green hues; why not? Here are a few fun ideas for you:

  • Bright yellow flowers to match a sunny yellow wall with various yellow wall art pieces
  • A hanging chair (you know, those kinds that hang from the ceiling!)
  • An oversized light fixture
  • Decorative outlet “frames”

Home design trend for 2018 #2: EMBRACE NATURE
The more natural hues and the strong the connection between your indoor/outdoor space you can foster, the better. This means a lot of homeowners will need to address the placement and size of their current windows and consider a windows replacement project in the near future. Have you ever heard the term “authenticism?” This word—often used in the interior design industry—refers to the act of embracing natural textures and colours. For example, the “farmhouse” and “coastal” home styles fall into this category—they’re both all about embracing outdoor shades and qualities and incorporating them into the home.

Home design trend #3 for 2018: CONTROLLED GLAM

Adhering to an overall theme of minimalist interior suroundings—for many homeowners—has a calming effect on their over-busy minds. But, this doesn’t mean the minimalist design has to go without a bit of glamour! Check out these examples:

  • Glamorous farmhouse sink: there are GOLD accented farmhouse sinks, now! This spot of glitz in an otherwise calm, white kitchen is
  • Gaudy hardware on your kitchen cabinets: is there anything more packed with personality than a perfectly in-order kitchen with WILD drawer pulls and cabinet knobs? So fun!
  • Fuzzy throws and shaggy rugs: we are a culture of comfort-seekers. Why not find yourself an asymmetric rug with a log shag to it to cushion your feet and add texture to your space? This look has actually been in for quite a few years and is easily replaced in 5-10 years, when the trends shift again.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your new windows Brampton, Ontario, we’d love to help! If the time has come to replace your windows and/or doors—give our experts here at Brock Doors and Windows a call!

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