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Builder-Grade Windows Won’t Cut It, Here’s Why

July 29, 2021 0

If you’re a trade professional working through the development stage of your new home build, you’ll have a lot of items to consider during the planning stage to ensure you’re meeting the needs and requirements of the buyer.

Working with them to determine the best course of action is always crucial, and likely the most complicated aspect of any new home build – as many buyers want the most cost-effective solution to bring their dream home to fruition faster and more on budget, but this could be the downfall of a truly successful new construction project. 

It’s critical that all areas from the bedrooms to the baseboards are taken into great consideration, and although many exterior functions are thought of immediately – like the natural surrounding and proximity to neighbouring houses – the windows are often overlooked.  

The style and quality of the windows play a major role in a lucrative new home build. Some home builders obtain lower-quality windows to find a fast and temporary solution for their buyers, which hurts not only the homebuyers, but your businesses return on investment. 

Builder-grade windows have a notoriously poor reputation in the industry, mostly due to their no-frills fabrication and less than lovable energy ratings. 

A New Construction Project Featuring Brock Doors and Windows

The industry standard warranty for builder-grade windows is around 10 years, prorated, whereas premium-grade windows will receive coverage for at least 20-years to a lifetime. Not only is the warranty representative of why you should consider going the premium route, but the wide array of customizations that will help you meet the homebuyer’s aesthetic and long-term needs for their home.  

If your goal as a homebuilder is to provide lasting results homebuyers will love, consider discussing the matter of premium or builder-grade windows with the homebuyers directly. With such an investment, homebuyers should be given the opportunity to make an informed buying decision and budget appropriately. After all, the homebuyer has likely decided to go the new construction route for many reasons, like the freedom from agency commissions, the ability to make a multitude of customizations and the feeling of being rest assured that no potential issues will arise like they often do with older homes. 

Vinyl new construction windows are not only affordable, but virtually maintenance-free and highly energy-efficient. Going the premium route doesn’t need to cost a premium, and it will save the homebuyers an extensive amount of money on their monthly energy bills and provide the assurance that potential issues are at bay.  

Brock Doors & Windows has been supplying Ontario new residential construction professionals with high quality windows and doors for over 30 years. Stop by one of our four showrooms to experience our products today, or give us a call at 1-800-449-3808 to speak to our designated team of window and door experts for a no-obligation quotation. 

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