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Which Patio Doors are Best?

July 14, 2021 0

When you ponder the thought of a great patio experience; you might be thinking something along the lines of dining. But how about your backyard patio experience?  

An ideal patio door would be one that grants easy access to the outdoors all while providing optimal security to prevent unwanted guests, the nuisance of pests and the elements. 

When selecting the right sliding patio door for your home, consider all factors like the size, material and specific type you’re looking for. Other important factors are the overall energy-efficiency, durability and its security features.  

There was a time when patio doors were notoriously known for poor security and lack of energy-efficiency, resulting in notable heat loss. However, to today’s standards you can expect significant improvements in the fabrication and longevity of these convenient doors.  

When hiring a company to provide the product and perform the service, ensure they’re reputable and that they standard behind high-quality products, no matter the material, and provide lifetime warranty coverage, as this will ensure more bang for your hard-earned buck.  

While you have a nearly endless array of options, it really comes down to five materials that are used in the fabrication of the patio door: aluminum, fibreglass, steel, vinyl and wood.  

  Let’s explore what materials offer the most pros: 

  1. Aluminum
    While aluminum doors offer a polished and modern feel, they lack in durability. Aluminum patio doors are quicker to dent, scratch and breakdown at an expedited rate, causing your new patio door to look more like glorified tinfoil.
  2. Fibreglass
    Fibreglass doors are an optimal choice for many climates as they expand and contract minimally under fluctuating temperatures. Fibreglass is often chosen due to its ability to mimic the appearance of wood for a lesser cost, but with that being said, the cost is still quite steep. For the price, you do get a highly energy-efficient and lightweight patio door.
  3. Steel
    Similar to aluminum, steel patio doors offer a sleek and modern look. Although their appearance is eye-catching, their energy efficiency is an eye-opener. If you’re looking for a patio door solely for the purpose of aesthetics, this may be for you. Keep in mind, rusting is a known and common occurrence with these makes of patio doors and some back-up paint may be a good idea.
  4. Vinyl
    Patio doors comprised of vinyl are known across the board for their energy efficiency and optimal resistance to rapid temperature changes. They are the least expensive option versus all other listed materials, and stand up against the elements without corroding, like aluminum and steel, or peeling like some makes of fibreglass. On average, a vinyl patio door will last you 30-years and requires little to no maintenance, making them easy to appreciate.
  5. Wood
    Last but not least, wood. A traditional and heavy-duty material that can repair easily, but requires consistent upkeep to ensure its longevity. Since wood is a natural material; they are more susceptible to damage and swelling over time if exposed to frequent temperature changes and high levels of humidity. Wood patio doors are truly beautiful pieces – but they are the most expensive and least energy efficient. 

When you make your decision on what patio door works best for your needs, it’s always a great idea to place energy efficiency at the top of the list. If you choose a truly energy efficient patio door, your investment will pay for itself. 

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