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Is Low-E Glass Really Worth the Upgrade?

July 05, 2021 0

When you head to a replacement window showroom to look for replacement windows, one of the terms you’re likely to hear is “low-E glass.” Unless you’re familiar with common terms in the industry, you might need an explanation on what low-E even refers to. Essentially, it refers to a special coating that is applied to the glass portion of replacement windows. A key selling point of this upgrade is that replacement windows with low-E glass are supposed to make your home more energy efficient. But do they really? The short answer is “yes.”

Read on for a look at why low-E glass is worth the upgrade.

What is Low-E?

Low-E is short for low-emissivity. This coating is designed to reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that makes its way through the window panes. But the important thing is that it’s designed to do this while not reducing the amount of light that makes its way through the glass into your home. Low-E is a thin coating has been applied to the windows, and this coating is not only transparent, but also reflects heat. But don’t let the fact that you can’t actually see the coating discourage you from paying a bit more to get it. It’s an upgrade that’s worth it.

What are Some of the Benefits?

Reduce Energy Costs:

One of the key benefits of low-E glass is that it will reduce the amount of money you pay for utilities. This is important when you consider how low the temperatures can drop during the winter and how high they can climb during the summer. When low-E is applied to the glass, your windows will be able to repel infrared light from getting inside. This will ensure a more comfortable interior temperature.

Block Ultraviolet Rays:

Another benefit of low-E is that it will keep harmful UV rays at bay. You no doubt know that it’s important to get exposure to sunlight each day. But too much of a good thing can sometimes bring problems. It’s also important to know that UV rays don’t only pose a risk to humans. They also pose a risk to your stuff. Did you know that UV rays can actually weaken the fabric on your couch or chairs? As well, they can cause fading in your furniture, window coverings, and even flooring.

Lets the Sunshine in:

While low-E blocks out a lot of the harmful stuff, it won’t hinder natural light from getting inside. So it’s really a win-win since it keeps out the bad and lets in the good.

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