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The Pros and Cons of Pre-construction Homes

August 01, 2021 0

Whether you’re starting from scratch or customizing a prefabricated home in an existing development, you’ll find that most new construction homes feature builder-grade products.

Unless it’s otherwise stated, everything from the fixtures to the windows is more often than not builder-grade. In other words, low value-added basic materials that get the job done in the now, but not in the long run. 

In light of this, many new construction homebuyers decide to upgrade their units during the initial building process to avoid unwanted mishaps from occurring in the not-so-distant future. One of the customizations that doesn’t always make it to top of the priority list would be windows of proven quality. 

The objective for both the homebuyers and developers are akin in that they’d both like to keep costs to a minimum, albeit for different reasons. While it might not phase the homebuyer to consider pausing certain upgrades for a later date; some of those upgrades can cost significantly more once the project is completed due to the cost of installation itself.

Nipping some customizations in the bud is better suited for the beginning phases, and this is especially crucial with flooring, lighting and windows. 

On the topic of low value-added materials, it’s important for every developer and pre-construction home buyer to take into account the longevity of the materials they’re purchasing. It’s very easy to be swayed in the direction of cost-savings, but at what cost?  

You want the home you’re developing to be of utmost quality for the homebuyers. So, although as a new home builder you’d like to save on cost, similar to the new homebuyers, it’s not always the wisest decision to cut on features that will benefit the longevity of the home and the happiness of the owner.  

Depending on the extent of their personal aesthetic desires, items like faucets and cabinet features may eat up a good portion of their budget – leaving less wiggle room for the items that make or break a new construction project. 

A New Construction Project in Ontario Featuring Brock Doors and Windows

Windows, although visible to the naked eye, are often overlooked in the planning stages much like heating systems and fundamentals we struggle to live without. 

The previously highlighted items tend to be placed on a pedestal in comparison to items that actually better the homeowners everyday home living experience, making the customizations that serve only a visual need an area for negotiation that can be tough for the homebuyer to swallow, oftentimes leading them to increase their initial budget. 

When settling for builder-grade windows, the drafts and dilapidation of parts and components will only become apparent after the home buyer has settled in, making it less of a concern to fixate over in the design and planning stages as the results of the decision are not immediately known. When the great Canadian winter bestows itself upon us in Ontario, only then is this oversight realized and more often than not, regretted. 

At Brock, we come ready and prepared to help with all your new construction window and door needs. Our products are of proven quality and far exceed the industry standard and meet the needs of every installation application.

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