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3 Ways Replacement Windows Will Add Value

September 07, 2018 0

On average, most people live in a home for 10-15 years. This means, at least once in most of our lives, adding value and curb appeal for resale is a goal. One of the most important upgrades a homeowner can make to their home to ensure it sells for a higher profit margin is to invest in Markham, ON replacement windows.

According to experts in home design and improvement, and according to realtors, there are three significant reasons replacement windows may be necessary for those looking to sell.

  1. Windows Add Natural Light to the Home

Strategic window placement of high quality, attractive windows ushers in a brighter, more pleasant space. Obviously, this means visibility improvement is desirable to any potential home buyer. But, further, better light means lower electricity bills, as indoor light use should only be necessary when the sun goes down. Additionally, studies show that natural light improves mood, levels of happiness, productivity, and efficiency. These are all desirable for both you, the homeowner, as well as potential buyers looking for their dream home.

  1. Better Energy Efficiency

Most energy loss happens through the windows and doors of the home. Replacing older windows with newer, higher quality, and energy efficient windows will be an appealing addition for potential buyers. In fact, energy efficiency is at the top of the modern-day home buyer’s wish list. This feature is no longer considered a luxurious addition—it’s a buyer’s expectation. In general, buyers want to see little need for home improvement before signing on the dotted line. If your current windows are in need of replacement because they are energy inefficient, this is a huge turnoff to buyers looking to invest their money responsibly. In essence, no new homeowner wants to waste their money on inflated energy costs.

  1. Curb Appeal

    Drawing potential buyers to your front door is essential for selling your home. If your windows suggest the interior may be unkempt, they could be driving away a sale. These days, vinyl replacement windows are a popular replacement option because they are affordable (for you) and durable, rot and fade resistant, and beautiful (for the potential buyer). Be sure to personalize, and even customize, window to be the right complements for the home’s architecture, colour palette, style, and ambiance. Consult experts about which window styles best support your home. For example, double hung windows are great for traditional, vintage, antique, and cottage style homes. Casement windows are the perfect choice for modern, traditional, and contemporary styles homes. Bay windows support Victorian, Tudor, Mock Tudor, and Cape Cod styles. Window experts will know just how to guide you in choosing the best matches for your particular house.   

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