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Contemporary Features Every Home Needs

September 10, 2018 0

We’re in an age of glorified home improvement television shows, phone apps, and social media. Everywhere homeowners look, there is a magazine cover or HGTV special or Pinterest page showing beautiful, contemporary homes that everyone, now, wants. If you’re looking to make your home more like the ones you see in the magazines, here’s what your home needs:   

Added Natural Light 

The home needs to be well lit. If this means you need Oakville, ON replacement windows to achieve more light in your home, experts definitely advise this. Natural light can be added by replacing smaller windows with larger ones, strategically installing windows based on the sun’s daily route, and adding skylights in rooms lacking in light. 

Open Floor Plan 

Floor plans that are open support the allowance of added natural light. If there’s a wall blocking “light flow,” get rid of it or replace it with a windowed wall. Contemporary homes unite all spaces together for added grandeur and communal living. Traditionally, homes were divided by walls to create individual spaces for specific uses: the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. Now, contemporary design says there should be little divide between these spaces. Clear sightlines and connectedness are what mark the contemporary home. For the designers at heart, know that an open floor plan makes designing simpler. 

Understated Colours 

Neutral tones incorporated into the flooring, lighting fixtures, and textiles are inherent to the contemporary home. These colours include nudes, tans, creams, grays, and grassy hues. Choosing a neutral palette like this gives the homeowner freedom to get creative with textures and patterns. 

Natural Materials 

Natural materials do not have to be restricted to options like wooden seating or flooring. There are countless choices to incorporate various organic materials, such as:

  • Exotic wood window frames
  • Wool draperies
  • Slate floor tiles
  • Cotton throw blankets
  • Woven reed window coverings

Remember that more traditional style homes adhere to wood finishes or inorganic features. What sets the contemporary home apart is that it is less constricted, and it incorporates several natural materials to create a complete look.

Go Green 

Contemporary homeowners are all about “going green” and energy efficiency. These days, we’re all concerned with our personal footprints on the planet and our collective impact on the environment. With sustainability on everyone’s mind, here are a few contemporary considerations for homeowners:

  • Energy efficient windows. These include energy saving Low-E glass, double or triple panes, glass coatings, and high quality, highly rated materials.
  • Solar panels on the rooftop.
  • Utilizing natural light instead of artificial light.
  • Upgraded HVAC systems. If your energy bills are climbing, an old heating and cooling system could be the culprit.  
  • High quality window coverings.
  • Recycled materials. This includes everything from renovations to repurposed furniture.   

Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. loves working with homeowners looking to make their space more contemporary. Our showroom is filled with examples of contemporary Oakville, ON replacement window options. Come, meet our expert staff and see our products and workmanship for yourself at 278 Orenda Road, Brampton, ON, L6T 4X6. Call us today at (905) 791-2850 and let’s get started!

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