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February 23, 2018 0

About three years ago I became captivated with learning about sustainable living. These days, everyone is talking about how to be greener and how to care more about the space and life forms beyond one’s own self. I wish I could tell you I become passionate about this sooner, but the truth is that I simply didn’t understand “the big deal” with living more responsibly.

In the spirit of being honest, I must tell you that my research in sustainable living began by accident. You see, I had just moved to Brampton, ON, into a small starter home and I needed to have most of the windows replaced. During my search, I kept seeing buzz words like “energy efficiency” and “living green” and “living responsibly.” I just wanted to find a good window installation company—I didn’t want a lecture in being a good steward of my new city. Soon, though, I read an article. Then another.

Before I knew it, I had reversed much of my opinion that my choices didn’t really affect anything. The truth is, my choices do affect my environment. During my research, I learned that the amount of energy lost annually through windows by consumers is in the tens of billions of dollars. And, article after article, report after report… the science shows that the single most important step I can take to make my home more Earth-friendly is to replace my outdated windows with energy-efficient ones.

So, that’s just what I did.

Right here in Brampton, I found a well-respected window replacement company in Brampton, ON that does more than just install windows—they helped to advise me on just how best to equip my home to be “greener.” What began as a pending 10-window replacement project quickly became a whole-home window replacement project in the making. I wanted to be part of the growing number of homeowners across Canada and the States making Earth-friendly decisions. Here’s what I chose:

  • New slider windows for all three bedrooms with triple-glazing. I decided these were the rooms most important to have cozy in the winter and cool in the summer—so the extra, serious thermal protection made sense.
  • A frosted obscure glass window for the master bath and another for the skylight in the main hallway. I did not want to lose the natural light but needed something more private and thermally protective.
  • For the walkout from my kitchen to the backyard, I chose a new vinyl sliding patio door with bronze tint. It looks wonderful with the retro theme I have in that room and keeps the evening sun rays from feeling too intense during dinnertime.
  • The rest of the house got Argon gas filled glass between the double panes.

I feel really proud of the decision I made to take my first step in practicing sustainable living. And, I’m grateful to have found a team of professionals at Brock Doors and Windows who clearly care about the environment and about running a successful business based on excellent customer service. If you are interested in making changes to your home for the better, give them a call!

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