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February 26, 2018 0

As a new homeowner here in Brampton, ON, I never expected the sheer excitement I would feel in each of the “firsts.” You know, the first time I unlocked the door to my home. The first time I got mail addressed to me at my new address. The first meal I cooked, the first weekend I spent, the first time I was greeted warmly by one of my new neighbors… Really, I got excited about every single first, I was almost irritating. Over time, that faded. I got used to my neighborhood and my house became a home as I eventually unpacked all of my belongings and decorated it just the way I wanted.

After a couple months passed, and as the weather got warmer, I decided to plan a cookout and invite all of my closest friends and immediate family over. Oh, I was so excited—another first. I would get to host a gathering in my new home (and hopefully welcome a few house-warming gifts…). Excitedly, I began planning the menu: grilled chicken, corn on the cobb, fresh watermelon, my mom’s pasta salad… Oh, I could not wait to show my parents the new patio furniture I had found on clearance and to choose flowers to plant in the flower pots I found at a flea market. Glancing around, I was filled with pride.

Then, I looked at my patio door. It looked painfully outdated and cheap—it was even a mismatch with the windows around it. The frame was thin and worn, the track had scuffs and marks on it, the pull was brassy and tarnished, and there was an ever-so-tiny crack on the lower left corner of the stationary pane. How had I not noticed this before?

Suddenly, my excitement was gone. I needed to replace that patio door before hosting my first cookout.

I called Brock Doors and Windows immediately and set up a time to meet with one of their pros the next day. Admittedly, I was stressed—I had never picked out a patio door before and did not know the first thing about what to look for!

Luckily, Brock is known for their expertise and professionalism. What was initially stressful (the prospect of investing in a new patio door in Brampton, ON and scheduling an installation) turned into excitement once again: I got to pick out my very first patio door!

Needless to say, it turned out beautiful. My new sliding door is bigger, sturdier, energy efficient, and it glides easily to open and close. The pull is no longer brassy—it is white, just like the frame. I chose additional lock options, too; my dad will be happy to learn about that.

So, my first cookout is next weekend and I am so excited to share my home with the people I love most. And, I cannot wait to tell them all about my experience with Brock Doors and Windows.

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