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February 19, 2018 0

The patio door you choose for your home will have a significant impact on the feel of the room inside and the ambiance of the space outside. Further, it will largely control how both spaces function! So, wouldn’t you say that the choice you make when replacing and upgrading is one you should take time to think about in order to weigh out your options properly? I certainly would.

At Brock Doors and Windows, we encourage Toronto, ON, residents to look for these three things when searching for their perfect patio door:

  1. An appropriate complement to your home’s structure:
    You can make a wrong decision—I’ll just go ahead and put that out there. One way to choose a door you won’t love is to choose one that does not seem to compliment the structure of your house at Take into account the type of home you have—is it contemporary? Is it antique or do you live in a historic home? There are two major “camps” the different styles of homes fall into: classic sliding door and French-style doors. The classic looking style door fits well with modern, contemporary, traditional, and classic/simple structures, while the French door (here at Brock, we have a sliding version of this!) works well with more stately, elegant, country-chic, and antique/historic homes.
  2. The largest patio door you can make work for your space
    The more in-out passageway you have, the better. Patios are typically the extension of a gathering place in the home (off the kitchen or living room) and should, thus, allow the most exit and entryway space possible. This makes entertaining guests and hosting get-togethers and parties most convenient. Plus, the added natural light and views to the outdoors will enhance any room to make it appear more spacious.
  3. The right colour
    Colour is such a big deal when choosing what to include in your home. But, there seems to be this undefined and secret line between too much and too little, what is ok to pair and what isn’t, what is good contrast and what causes clashing… If you are unsure whether a deep wood stain or a flat white is best—trust the experts here. At Brock, we are more than just your go-to door and window professionals, we are also your co-designers! We will happily assist you in choosing the right frame hue for your unique space.

Remember, your chosen patio door in Toronto, Ontario will greatly influence the look of your home and outdoor space. Be sure you choose the right one! Here at Brock Doors and Windows, our experts know just how to help you find the perfect features for your home—patio doors, entry doors, and windows. When you are ready to start doing some comparisons in search of the perfect patio door, come visit our showroom and let’s get started on your project!

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