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November 10, 2017 0

You wouldn’t wear high heels with pajama pants. And, you would not purposely dye your hair a colour you feel, personally, looks bad with your skin complexion. Am I right?

This idea of matching and complementing extends to other areas of our routine lives: food, drinks, holiday decorations, interior décor… We all, internally, agree that things just need to go with other things (ineloquent sentence; my apologies—but true). What’s my point? Well, here at Brock Doors and Windows, we too, know the importance of matching, complementing, and coordinating styles to create the most beautiful and functional spaces within the homes of Toronto, ON. This begins with your entry door—a feature of the home our team is particularly fond of.

Why your entry door is so important
You already know your entry door is the central focus of your home; you don’t need our professionals to tell you this. But, be reminded that what it means to be the central focus of the home is that everyone makes a decision about you, the home you keep, and the personality of your family—subconsciously—just by viewing your front door! You want your entry door to present you well. Additionally, your entry door is a supremely important safety feature, along with your windows and other doors. Point? You can’t afford to choose unwisely.

Now, for some quick pointers to match your home with its complementary entry door!

The Traditional home
This could describe one of a few styles, such as Colonial, Georgian, or even Cape Cod. Traditional style homes have a classic look with brick, stucco, or stone incorporated into their construction. So, the perfect entry door match is one made of wood or made to look like wood. There’s just something timeless about a classic.

The Contemporary home
Known for its clean lines, asymmetrical design, and simple window options, this home is the perfect representation of “today”—the now, the adaptable. Entry doors for this home are often trendy, with geometric shapes and lever handles. A double-door with top-to-bottom windows is a lovely option for this home style!

The Craftsman home
These homes are characterized by their porches, thick square columns, and low-pitched roofs. As with the traditional style, these homes are often accented with a wood or wood-looking entry door, adorned with decorative glass, stained-glass, or top window with divided light.

The Victorian home
This style home is typically ornate and large, with moldings and columns. Often times, the windows are accented with shutters and the porches wrap partially or completely around the home. For this entryway, a door with decorative glass panels and decorative embellishments is appropriate. Also, consider a bright colour and transom windows over the doorway!

Is your home style not listed here? Give us a call and we’ll chat about the right door for your home! No matter what style home you have, our team here at Brock Doors and Windows can help you find the perfect entry door in Toronto!

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