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November 13, 2017 0

If you are currently in the market for replacement windows for your Brampton home, you have probably become familiar with some of the different styles from which to choose:

There are a lot of options (even more than this short list). And, most likely, you have decided to choose a few different styles for various rooms in your home to complement your style and functionality needs.

Now, all of that said—let’s discuss bay and bow windows: what are they? Here at Brock Doors and Windows, we are often asked this very question. Homeowners are, many times, unaware there is a difference and uncertain of their benefits. So, we shall review together!

Bay & Bow: the similarities 
Perhaps the reason many people do not know there is a difference between these two windows is that there is such similarity. Both bay and bow windows add space to a room, as they protrude from the side of the home. Both styles have multiple window panes connected together at wide angles to create a “round-ish” protrusion which allows more sunlight and natural daylight to flood into a room.

Bay & Bow: the differences
In general, a bay window has three panels which comprise its structure: a picture window flanked by two side windows and protrude pretty far out from the wall of the home, adding more floor space for a cozy alcove. Bow windows, on the other hand, have more glass panels which create a more rounded projection from the wall and provide. These panels allow in more light and make for a much wider window. Bow windows are sometimes used to wrap around the corner of a building to form a unique “turret” and allow for views of the outdoors in multiple directions.

Brock similarities
Both of these styles will allow you the same customization options, as with all of our windows:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Glass coating options
  • Sound protection and Super Spacer technology for strength and a perfect seal
  • E-Z screen options
  • Durable standard or nesting fold-down handle options for easy opening
  • Colors and material options to match your home
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Interior finishes to complement your home décor and style
  • Grille configurations and enhancements
  • Bronze tint glass
  • LOF – Pilkington Energy Advantage Low-E glass coating
  • LoE 366 glass
  • Obscure glass options
  • Triple-glazing
  • Argon gas filled
  • Krypton gas filled

The ideal spaces
Given the unique features of the bay and bow windows, both make for beautiful additions to the following areas of your Brampton home:

  • Kitchen: enjoy meals in an eatery nook or at a built-in breakfast bar, facing your view!
  • Living room: Ready for a larger common area or a reading/working space? Either of these windows will accomplish this for you!
  • Master bedroom: Waking up to your view is a good start to any day!

Loving the idea of a bay or bow window for your house? We hope you will stop by and visit the team here at Brock Doors and Windows. We look forward to working with you on your next Brampton, ON window replacement project!

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