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November 06, 2017 0

If you find yourself glancing at your patio door and feeling unsettled by its appearance or embarrassed in any way—perhaps the time has come to begin looking for a patio door you will love.

The Brock Doors and Windows team can help you with this! Do you live in the Toronto, ON area? If so, we’d love to work with you. (We have other locations, too—check us out!)

Here’s how you can love your patio door again, with Brock:

Professional tip #1: be honest about your current situation
When you use your patio, ask yourself: do you feel proud of it? Does your patio door look and function the way you want it to? Or, did it used to, but no longer? If you are simply tired of it and itching for a new look—that’s ok, too. Just be honest with yourself about the reason or reasons you find yourself desiring a new patio door.

Professional tip #2: get over it
Look, the patio door you currently have will not have its feelings hurt if you decide you have outgrown it and that you feel ready to move on to “bigger and better” things. If you are feeling particularly sentimental about your current patio door—but you do have the resolve to move on and reach out to our professional team—peruse Pinterest for repurposing ideas!

Professional tip #3: work with an expert
The television would have us all believing we are expert home designers, and to some extent, we have been empowered to do more and more ourselves (thank you, internet, HGTV, and Pinterest!). But, when it comes to choosing, customizing, and installing new patio doors—go with the experts. You will be glad you did, in the end. Not only will the entire process go smoother from start to finish, but, you should also have warranties on the products and workmanship (if you choose the right company)!

Professional tip #4: trust your designer instincts
Here’s the thing—you know what you like and what you do not like and a good professional will help you to create the look you want on your patio, with the right door for you. Don’t like French doors? Then, don’t let someone talk you into them. Not feeling a sliding door and you know you have the room for something else? Stick to it.

Professional tip #5: be open to suggestions
Yes, I know; I just finished telling you to stick to your guns with regard to your design aesthetic. You should. But, keep in mind that there may be another option that looks just as good—or better—in your space than you originally thought. Entertaining an additional suggestion/option or two could mean you find the perfect patio door for your home—beyond your wildest imagination!

For more tips like these and for the most stunning and quality selection of patio doors in Toronto, ON, stop by Brock Doors and Windows today!

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