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November 03, 2017 0

If you have a great entry door—one that suits your personality and design point-of-view—it welcomes you home every day, for years and years. In contrast, if you do not have a great entry door—perhaps it is worn, too small, ill-coloured, or cheap—it disappoints you each time you look at it (further, it embarrasses you when you have guests!).

The entry door is so important in setting the right mood and initial impression of the rest of your home. Here in Brampton, our team at Brock Doors and Windows, we see all sorts of entry doors in our replacement projects for our customers: tall, short, wide, narrow, single, double, doors without windows and doors with glass from top to bottom. There is no one, specific, “winning” door style. But, entry doors do seem to be divided into two distinct categories: single vs. double.

Let us be clear: one is not better than the other! But, let’s look at the differences and reasons you may want to choose one over the other!

Reason #1—SINGLE entry door: they’re simple
Working-class people often do not have homes that require a dramatic/grand entry door. This is not to say the typical homeowner prefers “less”—this is to say that, often, a huge double door is completely unnecessary as the focal point of many homes throughout Brampton, ON!

Reason #2—SINGLE entry door: they take up less space
If you have a tight entryway, your option is most likely going to be limited to a single door. That’s ok! Work with what you’ve got; our Brock team will help you make the most of it.

Reason #3—SINGLE entry door: they are more affordable
Nine times out of ten, a single door is going to cost considerably less than a double door. Cheers to money saved and responsibility!

Reason #1—DOUBLE entry door: they are grandiose
If your home style is one of luxury and grandeur, massive, beautiful double entry doors are high on your must-have list. Let’s add sidelights on either side, too!

Reason #2—DOUBLE entry door: they fill a space
If you have the space, then opt for double entry doors with Brock. This is called “proportionate designing.” Nothing looks odder than a tiny single door at the center of an enormous, dramatic entryway…

Reason #3—DOUBLE entry door: they are worth the expense
Yes, single entry doors are less costly. But, here at Brock, we offer price-points for everyone. Plus, our customizations allow you control and flexibility within the door style of your choice.

It’s time to get started! Our Brock Doors and Windows professionals are always here for you and excited to tackle any home project! If you have questions or can’t decide which entry door in Brampton is best for your home, swing on by our showroom and let’s figure it out together. Remember—Brock will help you feel at home in your own home with our beautiful entry doors. See you soon!   

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