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October 20, 2017 0

The entry door of your home is the central focal point for guests and onlookers, and it plays a crucial role in representing you. While most homeowners probably inherited their entry door with the purchase of their home, many view their current entry door as an unfortunate representation of their style and personality. Do you identify?

Let us help to fix that. Invest in an entry door that reflects who you are to those guests and onlookers. Our team here at Brock Doors and Windows can help you do that and ensure your door stays within the unique architectural detailing of your Brampton home. Together, we will incorporate both your style and your home’s architecture.

Current trends
There are two major trends right now with regard to choosing entry doors:

  • Energy efficiency: No matter the style of entry door you choose, homeowners want—demand, actually—energy efficiency (as they should!). The good news? Brock offers only energy-efficient products. Earth friendliness is important to us and we view offering energy-efficient options as our honor and responsibility. While you’re shopping around, take note of energy ratings and options to make sure you choose an entry door that supports your HVAC’s lifespan, saves you money on heating/cooling bills, and is kind to Mother Earth.
  • Minimalistic eccentricity: the modern appeal has worked its way into every aspect of our lives; from clothing to food preparation to home interior to the entry door. “Less is more” is the stance many of our fellow neighbors take these days. Clean lines and simple, eye-catching entryways are top picks for homeowners.

Mistakes you do NOT want to make:
We all want to make a statement to some degree, but be sure your “statement” fits within the style of your home and a reasonable budget. Homeowners who go overboard with their entry doors do more harm than good. Looking to sell? Choosing too far outside the “typical” may turn off potential buyers. If you’re not looking to sell, be sure to remain mindful of an affordable budget. You do not want to be that guy or gal who looks at their beautiful new entry door and scowls from the burden of overextended funds.

BROCK expert tips:
Before we part, please review some of our expert tips.

  • Ask yourself: is it time to replace your Brampton, Ontario entry door? Weighing needs vs. wants will help you create a sound budget and timeline.
  • Research your potential contractors and installation companies.
  • Research the manufacturer behind the product.
  • Evaluate your family’s needs—are there specific safety concerns you have? Operational demands? Added locks?
  • Compare materials. Not all doors are created equal.
  • Review glass choices for UV protection, privacy, and aesthetic options.
  • Ask around! Who do you know who’s replaced their entry door? Who did they work with? What was their experience? This will add confidence to your search for the perfect door.

For more helpful tips like these, come visit our team here at Brock Doors and Windows! We love to see our Brampton neighbors happy and satisfied with their homes. Your entry door awaits!

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