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July 10, 2017 0

Your entry door is the central feature of your Toronto, ON, home. It is also, typically, the first feature guests see, touch, and assess prior to entering your home. It says a lot about you, your family, the home you keep, and the impression you intend to give. Do you know what yours is currently saying about your personality?

Consider the doors you have seen which have given the wrong impression:

  • The tattered door: “Welcome! Our house is also falling apart inside—come on in!”
  • The outdated/once-trendy door: “Welcome! 40 years ago, we were cool!”
  • The creaky storm door with faded entry door: “Welcome! We survived a tornado and this door is our monument!”
  • The dented door: “Welcome! Sometimes we kick things; look out!”

You get the idea. This is all to say that the entry door to your home is important. Color, design, craftsmanship, hardware, and materials all have something to say about the family behind the door. Whether you are farther out from the city with wide open spaces and farmland to inside the urban limits of the city: your entry door is the façade and the first statement about the life lived inside.

Our team here in Toronto at Brock Doors and Windows has compiled information—and here is what we have found:

  • Colors: traditional vs. bold
    Traditional colors are organic in nature, like what you would find in the forest, desert, beaches, or countryside. So, browns, deep greens, tan—these all suit homeowner personalities which are calm, collected, organized, and calculated. Bold colors grab your attention and “pop” from the siding—much more noticeable and suited for the go-getter, the extrovert, and the outgoing family.
  • Suburb vs. urban
    Double exterior doors are grand and make an authoritative statement while single entry doors are much simpler and more practical (in most cases). Both can be elegant, but only single door entrances can present a lower-maintenance household.
  • Glass inclusions
    Glass (especially clear glass) presents a level of openness, fearlessness, and transparency. Contrarily, solid doors maintain privacy, separation, and a clear boundary between home life and the “outside world.” Further, sidelights and small windows above the door are welcoming to visitors.
  • Hardware
    Knobs, hinges, door knockers, and other various decorative features add to your door’s character. Pay attention to the impression you want to present: simplistic, ornate, unique… Do you want to add a family crest or decorative wreath, chime, etc.?
  • Materials
    As with colors, organic and organic-looking materials say “we are a traditional family” or “this home is a conservative one.” With wood, the more intricate and attractive the material (oak, mahogany, etc.), the more expensive and regal the family tone.

Whatever your personality, Brock Doors and Windows has the perfect Toronto entry door for you. Let our team work with you to upgrade the central feature of your home! Give us a call to set up a free consultation—we can’t wait to meet you!

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