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July 07, 2017 0

Are you looking to upgrade your Brampton, ON, home windows this summer? At Brock Doors and Windows, we know all about the “weighing of options” and the pros-vs.-cons lists homeowners want to review prior to making a decision. We get it! And, we want to assist. Review this vinyl windows comprehensive pros and cons list before you choose windows for your next replacement project: 

Pro: Lower Energy Bill
Vinyl windows with Brock have a high R-value (meaning, they’re resistant to heat flow). They are specifically designed to hold in desired indoor temperatures while keeping out the outdoor ones! Low-E glass reduces heat loss. Bonus: save money on your utility bill!

Pro: Easy Maintenance
Arguably the best “pro” any window could ever boast, your Brampton, ON vinyl windows require very little maintenance—no painting or staining needed. Actually, they require only an occasional cleaning with a damp towel. That’s it! Note: high-pressure hoses are not recommended for use on vinyl.

Pro: Stain resistant
When and if you do have an unexpected mark or stain, we have found these simple solutions: 

  • Gum: A solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water; Windex®
  • Crayon: Lestoil®
  • Felt-tip Pen: Water based cleaners
  • Grass: Windex®, Lysol®
  • Lipstick: Lysol®
  • Mold/Mildew: A solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water, Windex®
  • Motor Oil: Windex®, Lysol®
  • Oil: Soft Scrub®
  • Paint: Brillo® Pad
  • Pencil: Soft Scrub®
  • Tar: Soft Scrub®

Pro: Durable
Vinyl is known for its resistance to cold (thank goodness) and heat. Also, vinyl is not easily dented or broken—it takes a lot to damage this material.

Pro: Cost Effective
Bar far, vinyl windows are the most cost effective option available today. Be sure to do your research, though; not all vinyl windows are created equal.

Con: Fewer Options
This does not mean few options, but there are often fewer options with vinyl textures, colors, and styles in comparison to wood windows.

Con: Inadaptable
Most vinyl is not paintable and for some homeowners—the “permanence” of their color choice is too risky.

Cons: Environmental Impact
The material itself (and the manufacturing process) is all chemicals. In general, any inorganic material poses a potential environmental impact. 

Con: Popularity
With popularity, there has come to be a variation in quality. In the last decade, the demand for vinyl windows has caused an influx in manufacturers—many of which are low quality. Homeowners need to be thorough in their search for the right vinyl windows.

We know… this is a lot of information to digest. Take your time, ask your questions, and do some comparative research. Feel free to call us at Brock Doors and Windows anytime. We would love to take you around our showroom and show you the many examples of the various vinyl window styles and discuss the different options you have with regard to features, cost, color, etc.

Remember: all window styles and types have their pros and cons. What’s important is to remember what works best for you, your family, and your budget. We can’t wait to meet you!

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