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October 16, 2017 0

The patio door has long been considered a beautiful (and arguably necessary) addition to any home with a patio, back yard, porch, or deck. And, deep down, we all have a love for the outdoors to some degree—a patio door connects us to our surroundings in a sweet and subtle way.

To enjoy the perfect patio door in your home here in Brampton, ON, it helps to understand the patio door a bit better. The team at Brock Doors and Windows wants to help you do just that! Check out these 3 important facts about our patio doors:

  1. Distinct Styles
    Our team offers beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient styles for homeowners:
  1. Higher-End Materials
    Here at Brock, we are very selective of the manufacturers we choose to work with. We partner only with the best of the best, which is why we proudly offer North Star patio door options. We concern ourselves with what we know to be important to our customers: look, quality, and energy-efficiency. Just as with your home’s windows, your patio door should provide aesthetic support to your design, last for years and years to come, and lower your home’s dependence on heating and air conditioning through thermal performance.
  2. Customizations
    All Brock exterior doors and windows here in Brampton come with incredible customization options so you can achieve the exact look you desire. We offer:
  • A range of beautiful colours and finishes to adequately complement your home
  • Hardware selections to work within any design point-of-view
  • Door sizes and panel/pane counts to accommodate even the largest and smallest of spaces
  • Sidelites, transom windows, etc.
  • Grille patterns for that French door look
  • Glass options including LOF, LOE, frosted, obscure, bronze tint, and more

Now, choosing the right patio door in Brampton, ON for your space (size, look, function) could easily become a stressful endeavor. Not with the experienced professionals at Brock! Take these tips to heart and you will be smooth-sailing:

  • Keep in mind the available space you have in your home where your patio door will go. Consider how the door connects the interior and exterior, the amount of natural light you want to maximize, and how you plan to maintain privacy.
  • Even if you are a DIYer at heart—enlist/contract a professional. For most, installing a patio door is not a one-person job!
  • Research the manufacturer, the installation company, and request references/look up reviews. You want your project done right the first time.

Whatever your taste, we have the perfect patio door for you. Call Brock Doors and Windows of Brampton, ON, today and our pros will assist you in making an informed and confident decision!

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