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Let the Light In: 4 Window Types For Maximum Daylight

November 16, 2020 0

There are few things that make your home more warm and welcoming than a sparkle of light peering in from outside. Not only will the light in your home make your space seem larger, but it will completely transform a drab space. Anybody in the interior design or home construction industry knows one thing: maximizing your daylight is the key to doing your job right.

Winters are dark and bleak in Ontario, especially during Daylight Saving Time. Seasonal depression can begin to kick in and Canadians report feeling less productive. Optimizing your space and maximizing daylight is essential for your mental health.

The lighting in your space will depend on a variety of different factors. You can play up your lighting with different colour palettes, how your space is set up, or how you move around furniture. But the most important element to consider for letting the light in is your windows: the amount of windows you have, the placement of your windows, and what type of windows you choose to install. 

If you are on the fence about the best daylight windows for your home, our window experts have put together four of our favourite window options to brighten up your space and maximize your light.

1. Keep Gloominess at Bay with Bow and Bay Windows

There is no doubt that bay and bow windows are some of the most elegant windows available! Not only do these windows brighten a room with a gorgeous panoramic view of the outdoors, but they are just as stylish on the interior of your home as they are outside! These windows feature an overwhelmingly large field of view and create an illusion of a large room. Whether your style is more traditional or contemporary, you can find bay and bow windows that complement your style and while maximizing the amount of natural light your home gets. 

Bay and bow windows are two slightly different styles. Bow windows refer to 4 or more windows, let in slightly more natural light, are more expensive. However, bay windows refers to a set of 3 windows, and this window option allows more privacy.

2. Picture-Perfect Views with Picture Windows

Picture windows are the perfect floor to ceiling option that quickly makes your home look exclusive and expensive! This daylight window option features a completely unobstructed view due to their large, fixed mechanism, making it perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

Picture windows cannot be opened, which poses a huge benefit in itself. Though they may not provide ventilation, they help conserve energy and will keep your home warm during our blustery Canadian windows. Because they don’t feature an opening device, there’s more space for glass to optimize every centimetre of the window. 

Ultimately, picture windows pack a huge punch for homeowners that are looking to brighten up their space.

3. Casement Windows to Soak in the Sunlight

Are you looking to marry ventilation and beauty? Look no further than casement windows! Casement windows provide the perfect option for energy efficiency and allow for a healthy breeze in your home. The slim frame allows for a larger glass area, making these a highly sought-after option for daylight windows. Casement windows can also be finished in several different ways, making them a versatile daylight window option to suit the aesthetic of your home.

4. Glide into Bright Rooms with Sliding Windows

Sliding WIndows Maximize sunlight

Are you looking to have it all? Sliding windows are an excellent option. Sliding windows maximize window space, bring in sunshine, and are flexible enough to let in ventilation when necessary. Sliding windows are easy to use and they feature a sleek, contemporary style. 

Welcome fresh air into your home with these daylight windows, but keep the warm air inside during chilly winter nights. Sliding windows are perfect for contemporary homes and they are the best energy-efficient option on the list. Simply slide open the window to get a cross breeze without sacrificing brightness in your living space.

Are you ready to maximize the brightness in your space by installing the best daylight windows? After reading up on sliding, casement, bay and bow, and picture windows, do you have a better idea which option will best serve the needs of your home? 

Depending on the goals of your space, the aesthetic you’re going for, the airflow you require, and what room you’re working on, you may find that certain window types are a better fit. 

Our experts at Brock have worked with all kinds of windows and we understand the unique needs of Canadian homeowners (especially during our frigid winters), and we can help you find the best fit for your home.

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