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The Ultimate Guide To Replacement Window And Door Materials

November 23, 2020 0

When you’re jumping feet first into the world of replacement windows and doors, there can be many factors to consider before making your big purchase. It can be overwhelming to think about how durable each window is, whether your windows or doors can handle the harsh Canadian winters or hot summers, or even if the type of material the entry door is made from can even match your style of home while still protecting you from the elements. 

Even though choosing a material for your replacement windows and doors might seem confusing at first, Brock can help you make it the easiest part of the whole renovation process. Let’s take a look at what your windows and doors are made of. 

Through the Looking Glass: The Perfect Window Materials

Let’s dive right into the facts. It doesn’t have to be hard selecting the perfect window material for your home, because right from the get-go, there are clear and trusted staple window materials. This isn’t like choosing a paint colour where you can lose days comparing a light blue to a sky blue. Replacement window options usually come in three tried-and-true materials. 

1. Vinyl

Vinyl windows are a game-changer in the world of window materials. Benefits of vinyl include its low cost – however, don’t confuse this with a budget option where corners are cut, as vinyl windows still provide the same, if not more, benefits than pricier counterparts. Another huge benefit of vinyl windows is the durable material. Unlike wood windows that can crack or warp, vinyl stands better against the test of time and wear and tear of existing outside. Finally, vinyl windows come in a variety of customizable options for endless choices that can match your home, no matter the style or colour you had in mind!

2. Fiberglass

The greatest advantage of fiberglass windows are the durability and strength of the material. Fiberglass frames are usually recommended for larger window panes as the strength allows them to support much more weight than other materials such as wood or vinyl. They’re unlikely to warp or rust over time, which means fiberglass windows are incredibly low maintenance, even through extreme temperatures.

3. Wood

Wood is timeless. Nothing evokes the warm feelings of a cottage in the winter or inspires the classic appeal of a traditional home more so than wood accents. The biggest benefit of wood windows to our Canadian clients is that they provide superior insulation compared to other common window materials, but they are more susceptible to damage from harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear, making them less durable.

Are you still not sure which window material will fit your needs? An expert at Brock can evaluate your situation and tell you which window material is best for your home. If you’re trying to get your window renovation projects organized, take a look at our handy free window renovation checklist!

Knock on Wood: The Perfect Door Materials

brock door materials

Similarly to windows, doors also have a standard selection of materials you can consider, each with their different features. With the entry door being the first impression of your home, it’s understandable that you might put a bit more thought into the aesthetic appearance of these options. After all, the door has to not only match your home but reflect the image you want to put forward, as it is the most common part of your house for someone to stare at while waiting for you!

Are you curious what your entry door says about your home? Take our quiz and find out more today!

So what material options do we commonly see for doors, and how do we select the right one?


1. Wood


Much like with windows, wood holds up in its timeless, classic appeal. Wood doors work with any home trying to create a rustic feeling. If that isn’t your aesthetic, that’s fine too as wood doors offer easy customizability. Sometimes, you can’t tell a wood door is wood at all! 


2. Fiberglass


Fiberglass doors are a hit in most parts of Canada due to their resistance to extreme temperatures and weather changes. A lesser known benefit of fiberglass doors is that of safety. Not only are fiberglass doors durable and resilient to weather elements, they’re also made of an incredibly strong material to deter damage. It’d take super strength to get through this door!


3. Steel


A unique benefit of steel doors is their durability in high-traffic environments, so for those large families constantly moving in and out through the main door, it’s a safe bet. While steel doors are often found in professional settings as they can be fireproof, bulletproof, and/or chemical resistant, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for your entry door as well! 


4. Glass


The most obvious benefit to having a glass door is that they are fantastic for boosting curb appeal and letting in tons of natural light. The glass is easy to clean and glass doors can make narrow entryways feel much larger than they are. 

brock front door materials

The truth is, there is no one size fits all “right” material for your windows or your doors. You have to do your research to find the material that fits your needs and your style.

If you have any questions about window or door materials and need to find the right match for your home, our experts at Brock are here to help you make the best buying decisions. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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