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Thinking About Getting Your Buddies to Install Windows? Think Again

July 15, 2019 0

After you buy replacement windows for your home, the next order of business is to have them installed. The retailer you buy them from can do it for you, and this is really your best option. Unless you are experienced at doing installations, you should leave the installation of Brampton, ON replacement windows to the professionals. If you were thinking of leaving it to some friends who appear to have good do-it-yourself skills, you might want to think again.

Here are some reasons why getting your friends to do the work, no matter how well-meaning they may be, is not the right option for taking out your old windows and putting in your new windows.

Warranty Goes Out the Window

What happens if you get your friends to install your windows and they somehow damage one or more of them? The answer is that you’ll be out luck – unless your friends are willing to compensate you for the damage. If you get the windows installed professionally, you won’t be on the hook for expenses in the unlikely event that there are damages to the product during installation. You’ll be covered. So don’t violate the warranty just to possibly save a bit of money by getting friends to put in your replacement windows. In fact, it’s likely that the value of the warranty will be higher than whatever you save by having buddies take on the installation work. But with the warranty, you’ll be covered if there ever any problems.

Some Benefits Could be Lost

One of the things you need to remember is that the benefits associated with replacement windows can be lost if they are not installed properly. This is critical to understand. Can you be certain that your friends have the requisite skills to put them in the right way? If they are not installed properly, you may not experience the energy efficiency benefits that prompted you to buy the windows in the first place. So it will be like throwing your hard-earned money out the window. When you get professional installers to do the work, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly the first time around. You’ll also get to experience the benefits that convinced you to take out your old windows and to install replacement windows.

As you can see, getting your friends to help install windows is not necessarily the best option. Some projects are not ideal for the average do-it-yourselfer, and replacement window installation is one of those types of projects. What you need is a team of professional installers who have experience installing the types of windows you buy. It’s not worth skipping professional installation just to save a few bucks. And whatever savings you do get could fritter away quickly if your friends made any mistakes or miscalculations. Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. is your one-stop shop for windows you want for your home. For the help you need in finding replacement windows in Brampton, ON, visit our showroom at 278 Orenda Road Brampton, ON L6T 4X6. You can also call us at (905) 791-2850 to speak to one of our staff members.

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