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Replacement Windows: Pay Now or Pay More Later

November 11, 2019 0

It’s never usually a good idea to postpone home improvement projects that you know need to get done. This is certainly the case with your windows. If you’re home in Brampton, ON needs replacement windows, it might be tempting to delay the project in preference of focusing on other things. But that’s really a short-sighted decision that may end up costing you more later.

Here are some reasons why paying for replacement windows now can ultimately be cheaper than putting off the project with the intention of tackling it sometime down the road.

Potential Damage

Are your windows worn and torn to the point where water is getting in around the windows? There’s only so much that weatherstripping and caulking can do. If water makes its way inside, you could end up facing mold or mildew problems. These issues not only are eyesores, but also are potentially hazardous to the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones. If you’re left having to replace flooring or to rip through walls to clean up the mildew or mold due because of water damage, you’ll have to shoulder the cost of the replacement windows and the damage.

Higher Utility Expenses

If your windows are no longer adequately preventing the outside air from seeping in, then you’ll undoubtedly be paying more than necessary each month for utilities. You already pay too much as it is – so why pay more than you really must. Yes, the cost to get replacement windows is not a small amount. But you’ll start to see a return on investment as early as your next utility bill. Also consider that delaying the project will continue to cost you more than necessary each month. So pay for replacement windows now to save. Otherwise, you’ll continue to pay more than you have to each month ahead of finally biting the bullet and getting the replacement windows you need.

HVAC Equipment

Your HVAC unit should give you many years of reliable service, and you’ll appreciate it all the more during the coldest months of the year and during the hottest months of the year. But they will work harder than they should have to if your old windows are letting in air around the edges. The reason is that the HVAC will have to operate even harder to maintain the temperature you want. You can spare it the extra burden by getting replacement windows that stop air from seeping indoors. Getting replacement windows now will prevent you from having to pay more later in the form of HVAC unit repairs necessitated because of excessive use.

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