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Mistakes to Avoid if You Want a Problem-Free Installation

November 08, 2019 0

After you go through the window buying process and order the windows you want, the next step is to get your windows professionally installed. Don’t overlook that last part – professional installation. Some people choose to do it themselves. But there are lots of negative consequences that you’ll have to shoulder if you do so. For one, you’ll likely forfeit the warranty, which will leave you footing the bill if the install isn’t done right and if repairs are needed down the road. So it makes sense to get pros to put in your North York, ON replacement windows.

You can count on them to do the work properly the first time around. That said, there are some things you can do to make the installation process a smoother process. Don’t worry, however, it would take much of an effort on your part.

Declutter Work Areas

Most people have a lot of things in their homes, and this can lead to clutter. Clutter can be a problem when it comes to replacement window installation. So ensure that the areas where the workers will put in the windows are obstruction-free. This will ensure that the installers can easily access the areas and get on with the installation process and finish in short order.

Be Reachable

While you won’t have to do any of the installation process, it helps to be present or close by so that the installers can reach you should they need to. If you’re busy in some other area of the house such that they need to track you down, the installation process might take longer than necessary. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, hover over the installers while they work. But be accessible and let them know that it’s okay to call out for you when your attention is needed.

Keep Little Feet and Little Paws at Bay

A house full of children and pets can be a wonderful place to be. But ensure that your kids and your pets don’t get in the way of installers while they do their work. This will keep them safe and enable the workers to do their work unimpeded.

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