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How to Stay Cool Without Overusing Your Air Conditioner

May 13, 2019 0

By the time late spring comes around, many Canadians will be cranking up their air conditioning units to cool down their homes. It can be tempting to reach for the dial to get some relief from the hot, humid, and muggy temperatures, but the drawback will be higher-than-usual utility bills each month. The good news is that there are numerous things you can do to stay cool without overusing your air conditioner. From getting Barrie, ON replacement windows, to closing doors…using ceiling fans, to cooking outdoors, there are ways to cool your home without your HVAC unit.

Replacement Windows

You might not want to open your windows during the spring and summer when it’s super humid outside, but there are times when opening them up is a great idea. If there’s a nice breeze, take advantage of it by opening your windows. You’ll be able to cool your home without having to crank up your air conditioner. If your windows are worse for wear, consider replacing them. Replacement windows are worth the investment, and they’ll last a long time. You’ll also see a return on investment, so getting new windows is more cost-effective than you might think.

Close Doors

Another good idea is to close doors to unused rooms in your home. You don’t want cool air to essentially be lost simply because it’s getting into rooms that are unoccupied. So close doors as necessary to ensure that the lived-in areas of your home remain cooler for longer.

Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans? Use them. Do you not have ceiling fans? Buy some and get them installed. They will help to keep your rooms cool during the warm weather months. Be sure that they operate counter-clockwise during the spring and summer — and use the highest speed. You’ll immediately notice the change they make in the internal temperature of your home.

Cook Outside

Have you ever used your kitchen stove or oven to cook dinner for your loved ones when it was already scorching hot inside your home? The solution to this problem is to fire up the barbeque and cook outside. So if you want to reduce your reliance on the air conditioner, don’t make the problems worse by cooking indoors when it’s hot enough as it is.

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