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3 Tips to Increase Ventilation in Your Bathroom

May 10, 2019 0

Proper ventilation is important in your home, but there are certain areas in your residence that demand particular attention in this regard. One such area is the bathroom. If your bathroom is not ventilated properly, you could end up with problems like mildew and mold. Fixing such problems could cost a pretty penny — and, of course, there’s also the risk to your health. Here are 3 things you can do to increase ventilation in your bathroom. You can bet that Toronto, ON window replacement is among the list of options you should consider.

1. Fan

Without a doubt, you need a fan in your bathroom. Of course, you need the right sort of fan. If you’re not aware of what this is, go to a home improvement store and let them know that you require a fan in your bathroom to help with ventilation. It will help with air quality inside your home, so don’t skimp on getting a good one. When out looking for one, you should seek one that has a timer built in. It’s even possible to buy fans that include a remote timer, which will enable you to turn the fan on and off from where ever you happen to be.

2. Window

You’ll help to eliminate ventilation problems if you get in the habit of cracking the window open before taking a shower. But what happens if your windows are not working properly? Sometimes older windows simply won’t open without a herculean effort – and other times it could be a result of inadvertently painting over it when painting the bathroom. This can render the window inoperable. Whatever the reason, you may want to get replacement windows if the windows in your bathroom won’t facilitate adequate ventilation.

3. Dehumidifier

Another good idea is to buy a small dehumidifier and to place it somewhere in the bathroom where it won’t obstruct access to anything in the bathroom. Did you use a dehumidifier during the winter to extract some of the moisture out of the air in your home? You can now repurpose the humidifier by placing it in the bathroom. Again, make sure it’s small enough so that it doesn’t get in anyone’s way.

You can bet that installing a fan, opening the window, and using a dehumidifier will help to increase ventilation in your bathroom. Doing this, in turn, will help to prevent mildew and mold, which can be costly to fix, and which can adversely impact your health.

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