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Tips to Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency

May 27, 2016 0

Brampton Ontario Replacement Windows

In today’s world, energy efficiency, (meaning to do more with less energy), is becoming more and more important because of all the many benefits it provides you and the planet. But what exactly are the benefits energy efficiency offers us?

Energy efficiency saves money, enhances the quality of life, improves the economy, and helps preserve our environment. These are just the some of the reasons people choose to use energy more efficiently. So what can you do? This guide will help you implement some simple but effective tips to improve the energy efficiency of your own home.


The average Canadian household spends thousands of dollars every year on energy costs alone. But, by purchasing energy-efficient appliances, you can save hundreds of dollars. Buying Energy Star appliances can save you up to 30% on your electric bill. Want to know more? A new refrigerator with Energy Star ratings saves $165 in its lifetime over a regular model. So, look for the Energy Star label when you are shopping for new appliances. They will, most certainly, save you money.

Lifestyle Habits

Here are few lifestyle tips that will save you money:

  • Doing laundry using cold water, you can save $63 per year.
  • Turn off all your lights, electronics, and appliances when you are not using them.
  • Replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient halogen bulbs like LEDs and CFLs, you will save 30-80% on your energy costs.
  • Close the blinds during summer to minimize hot sun rays and open them in winter to make the most of the warm sunbeams.
  • Use low-flow shower heads and faucets to conserve water. Be sure to change or clean filters on a regular basis.
  • Replace your filters often. A dirty A/C or furnace filter definitely slows down air flow by making the system work harder to maintain your indoor temperatures.
  • Reduce your water heater’s temperature to 8° C in order to save money and energy.
  • Air-dry your dishes instead of using the heat from the dishwasher.

As you can see, it is easy to take small, daily energy efficient actions no matter where you are, whether that’s at work, home or on the go. You have the power right in your own home in Brampton, to save both money and energy.


Some energy efficient changes are easy to make while others require a little more time, effort, and money. These are the changes, however, that typically offer bigger savings down the road. One significant investment is replacing your windows. Windows provide your home with clear views, daylight, and ventilation. They also are responsible 10-25% of your heating and cooling bills; depending on their efficiency. Old windows are especially guilty of allowing high air infiltration rates. So, let Brock Doors & Windows help you replace your old windows with new, more energy efficient styles! We offer a large variety of top-of-the-line windows and have been satisfying customers for over 20 years. We have the expertise to install energy efficient replacement windows Brampton that will give your air conditioner a break and put the savings back in your pocket.

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