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May 29, 2017 0

Canadian weather can be extreme. In Toronto, we experience the full gamut: bitter cold, warm summers, sudden rain, etc. In other words, our homes have to be armed with weather-protective features. For example, your entry door(s) play a crucial role in your home’s overall energy efficiency and thermal protection and sometimes, they fail.

At Brock Doors and Windows, clearly, we are in the business of keeping residents protected from the cold (and other elements) through high quality, energy efficient windows and doors in Toronto!

Let’s focus on your entry door which, as mentioned, is a vital component in energy efficiency and thermal protection. When the front door is open, your home experiences an energy gap which allows conditioned air to escape. And, unfortunately, if your front door no longer seals tightly (for various reasons), it has exactly the same impact: it is as if you’ve left the door open.

What we’re talking about here is the space between the conditioned air indoors and the unconditioned air outdoors—also known as your home’s “building envelope.” In simple terms, a building envelope is its defense against weather and energy loss. So, when doors and windows are closed tight, they are crucial parts of a home’s building envelope.

Ask yourself a couple questions: is your front door exposed to the elements and is it energy efficient? Most of us would say yes; our front door is exposed to the weather (unless there’s an overhang, or a storm door, or a breezeway entrance in place). But, many don’t know how to determine whether or not their front door is improving or impeding on their home’s energy efficiency. A few tips:

–    When it’s cold outside, stand close to your front door. Is it much colder within an arms reach of the door? Note: this could be resolved with a simple weather stripping replacement!

–    Is there condensation or frost on the inside of your front door?

–    Have you noticed a gradually climbing energy bill, in spite of new windows or insulation you recently had installed?

–    Are there gaps (in the case of wood doors) from warping or rot over the years?

If any of these rings true, it may be time to consider replacing your front door with a door from Brock Doors and Windows. A Brock replacement door means your home will be:

–    More energy efficient. This can affect your home’s building envelope in a very positive way (which, in turn, saves you money in energy costs).

–    More Earth-friendly.  An energy efficient home means a smaller carbon footprint.

–    More thermal protection. The elements belong outdoors! You and your family deserve to be comfortable, consistently, in your home.

Unsure if your current entry door could be the culprit behind your home’s poor building envelope? We would be delighted to set up a free consultation with you to determine the next best decision for your Toronto home! Canadian weather can be crazy! Let’s keep it outside—where it belongs!

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