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Your Ultimate Guide to Window Styles in Toronto

August 15, 2016 0

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Did you know that window and door replacement is one of the most common home improvement projects for Toronto homeowners? It’s true that replacing your old doors and windows can do a lot for your home. However, there are a lot of decisions involved in choosing your new windows, one of which is which window style will best match your Toronto home. Brock Doors and Windows created this guide to window styles, which will make choosing the right style of window a breeze. 

Getting to know your window styles

Just like people, each and every window style has a specialty-something that it is particularly good at doing. Getting to know your window styles and what they offer is the first step to choosing the one that will best serve you and your Toronto home.

Single hung and Double hung windows
Double hung windows and single hung windows are very similar, and they are two of the most common types. With a double hung window, both sashes can slide up and down inside the frame, and with a single hung window, only one sash is movable. This style is very easy to operate, and works best with more traditionally styled homes.

Slider windows
The slider or glider window is very similar to a double hung window, the major difference being that the sash slides horizontally instead of vertically. This window style is ideal for maximizing light and view. The slider window fits well with Ranch style homes or other designs that feature horizontal lines.

Casement windows
This style of window is very common, and found in designs from contemporary to traditional. This window features hinges, creating a window that swings open and closed just like a door. Casement windows are excellent for creating ventilation in a room.

Awning windows
Awning windows are much like casement windows, and they are operated by a mechanical crank. Instead of being hinged on the side, like a casement window, awning windows are hinged at the top. This style of window is suited for many different house styles, and is excellent for rainy days, because it can remain open and still stay dry underneath.

Picture windows
This kind of window is excellent for allowing the most light in the home. Also, just like its’ name, this window style frames the view outside just like a picture, so it is excellent if you have a nice view you want to admire. However, you need to keep in mind that picture windows don’t open, so they are not a good choice if ventilation is the goal.

Bay and Bow Windows
Bay and Bow windows look a lot alike. Both window types project outward from the outside wall, and so they are a great choice for a reading or breakfast nook. Bow and Bay windows do a lot to open up a room with light, and they are excellent at giving the appearance of more space.

Custom windows
Sometimes stock window styles just don’t meet your needs, and this is where custom windows come in. Brock Doors and Windows offer custom windows that can be built with many design, style, and color combinations to accommodate your unique design needs. Brock Doors and Windows has been helping customers just like you with windows replacement projects for decades. We offer all the choices you need to make your Toronto house the home of your dreams.

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