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Debunking the Myths about Doors and Windows

August 19, 2016 0

Brampton Replacement Windows

There is a lot of discussion these days about how to save more money, especially on utilities and other aspects of your household. No doubt as a homeowner, you have heard a lot of conflicting information about whether it’s really worthwhile to replace your old doors and windows with more energy efficient ones. In this article, Brock Doors and Window experts debunk the myths surrounding this popular home improvement project so that you can make the best decision for your Brampton home.

Myth #1 Replacing my old doors and windows won’t really save that much energy.
According to Jeffrey Lowinski, the vice president of technical services for the Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association, “replacing old windows with high-performing, energy efficient ones can save significant amounts of energy.” In fact, almost half the homes in Canada still have single pane windows, and if all those homes upgraded to Energy Star-certified windows, the energy savings would be approximately 20 million BTUs per house per year. What does this mean for you and your Brampton home? “Changing from drafty single pane windows to Energy Star windows will save a lot of heating energy in a climate where winters are cold. Where summers are hot, Energy Star windows will save a lot of heating energy in a climate where winters are cold” (like Brampton) says Nils Petermann, the program manager for the Efficient Windows Collaborative.

Myth #2 Changing my doors and windows will cost me more money than it will save.
While it’s true that replacing your Brampton home’s windows and doors is an investment, it is undoubtedly a valuable one, especially in the long run. Energy efficient windows and doors can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills by 15-20%. New windows and doors can last for decades. Not only because they are incredibly durable, but because they are resistant to insects, sun, corrosion and a number of other problems. If you make sure that the U-values and SHGC ratings are high, the less air and water infiltration there will be, and the faster you will see your return on investment.

Myth #3 It is better to have your old doors and windows repaired rather than replaced.
Many home owners believe that repairs are less expensive than replacement and can make your windows and doors energy efficient, but this is simply not true. Unless the repair is a quick fix, replacing your windows and doors is a much better option. When you replace your old doors and windows, you can leave old, inefficient systems behind and get access to all the new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly designs. When you choose modern, high-performance energy efficient windows which combine insulating glass, inert gas fills low-e coatings, tight weather stripping and other features you will see a huge difference in the performance of your windows and doors. Brock Doors and Windows is here for you, for all of your window and door replacement needs. We have all the latest models of windows and doors, and the know-how to help make your project a masterpiece. Give us a ring today!

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