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Window Solutions for the Smaller Home

August 27, 2018 0

Living in a home with less square footage definitely has its advantages. Among the many, are:

  • Less time spent cleaning.
  • Enjoyment of a more communal environment.
  • Less clutter.
  • Smaller monthly mortgage, electricity, and heating/cooling payments.

Though, as a homeowner of a smaller residence, it’s important to be mindful of home features and purchases so as not to forfeit the same enjoyment as larger home homeowners enjoy. Strategic designs, decorations, and floorplans are needed to keep the home looking and feeling balanced.

Check out some of these small home solutions.

Scarborough, ON Replacement Windows

In smaller spaces and “tiny” homes, operability and airflow are very important. When replacing and upgrading your current windows, be sure to place operable windows on opposite sides of the house to create an easy breezeway. Natural ventilation throughout the structure is important. Great options include awning and casement windows, which are both great for directing airflow throughout the home. Additionally, windows with tilt-in options give homeowners added control over ventilation.

Consider Windows as Artwork 

Added natural light and views of the outdoors help to mitigate “cabin fever” in small spaces. Picture windows paired with operable ones can be focal points of a room and help it to feel roomier. Remember: “artwork” windows are stylish and bold.

Tie the Indoors to the Outdoor Living Space

Remember to be open to all options; your home doesn’t need to follow traditional routes, especially if it has a tighter floorplan. The more tied to the outside living space, the less cramped a smaller layout feels. Additions to blur the lines between the inside and outside include:

  • These provide a small room with ample lighting and sky gazing.
  • Folding patio door systems. Why install a traditional patio door when an entire wall can be replaced with a folding or multi-panel patio door system?
  • Floor to ceiling windows. Again, the more views of the outdoors, the more connected homeowners are to their outside living space and the bigger the home feels.

Prioritize Privacy 

As important as it is to invite in natural light and to highlight scenic surroundings, it’s equally important to focus on privacy. Skylight windows inherently provide light without compromising privacy from the outside world—so, install one or two in the master bedroom and bathroom. With other replacement windows, though, there are countless window covering options to provide privacy, as needed. A couple expert suggestions:

  • Top down/bottom up shades. These allow homeowners to enjoy natural light without feeling exposed to the outside world. Lower the shades from the top to keep the room bright and inviting while concealing the goings-on indoors.
  • Solar shades. This option offers varying levels of privacy based on the tightness of the material’s weave. Even a more open weave will keep anyone outside from being able to see indoors easily—but, the homeowner will get to enjoy the views.

Less square footage does not have to mean less indoor enjoyment. The team here at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. can help you transform your smaller residence with Scarborough, ON replacement windows. Your space can and will feel spacious and inviting—that’s our goal for you! Come and visit us at 278 Orenda Road, Brampton, ON, L6T 4X6 or give us a call to set up an in-home consultation: (905) 791-2850. We look forward to meeting with you.

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