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February 05, 2018 0

I’m sure you have read “how to” articles about prepping your home for resale a few times. They typically hit the key points: an upgraded kitchen, a nice entry door, a spacious floorplan, a nicely kept plot, and new replacement windows. They’re right; you want to focus on these features in your Brampton, ON, home before placing it on the market. Here at Brock Doors and Windows, we help countless homeowners prepare their home to sell! And, as our name suggests, we focus on the doors and windows—because those are our areas of expertise!

Let’s discuss these items in order.

The entry door—why does this matter?

Keep in mind that selling your home hinges largely on enticing your target audience—the potential buyer—to take a look inside. No one, NO ONE, is going to feel enticed/invited to come inside your home to chat with your realtor about purchasing it if the front door looks atrocious. So, what constitutes an “atrocious” door? Here are a few items for review:

  • Faded colour
  • Cracked or broken frame
  • Unsightly knob (brassy and outdated, tarnished, cheap material, too small in proportion to the size and structure of the door)
  • Mismatched pieces (different colour mail slot or knocker than the handle, for example)
  • Cheap material
  • Rot
  • Small in proportion to the entryway
  • No windows next to or on the door
  • A foggy peephole

Does your door have one or more of these unfortunate features? If so, we would advise you to replace (or, at least upgrade parts of) your entry door!

The windows—why buyers pay attention!

Windows can be a pricey thing to replace, we know. And, buyers more often than not are not shopping for a fixer-upper house. That said, if the windows need replacing, the buyer is likely to do one of two things:

  • Become immediately disinterested, or
  • Ask for a lower buying price to offset the work, materials, and time it will take to replace the windows themself.

You do not want either of these reactions—it will kill your asking price. Instead, you want to make sure potential buyers see quality, beautiful, high-end windows from Brock. If your windows are too small and keep most of the natural light out, or if they are outdated, inoperable, faded, cheap, plain, and energy inefficient, you will definitely want to give our team a call to replace them. New replacement windows in Brampton, ON will not only help your house sell faster, they will increase the overall value of your home so your asking price is what you deserve.

As for the yard, the kitchen, and the floor plan—turn to your trusted realtor for guidance. Between their expertise and our experience and products, your resale process should be smooth sailing! Give the pros here at Brock Doors and Windows a call today!

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