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Tips for Choosing Your Replacement Window Frame Color

February 10, 2017 0

Once you have made the decision to replace your old Toronto windows, you open the door to all sorts of new choices and decisions. one of these decisions is which color your new windows will be. There is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in your home and enjoying a lovely view with golden sunlight shining through and greenery outside. Whether you think about it or not your windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in. Your windows help you connect with your exterior home for safety and security. Whether you are considering upgrading your current windows or are designing your next home – take a look at the useful paint-choosing tips from Brock Doors and Windows

Choose a frame color that reflect your home’s style and color

All the homes in Toronto have a design style and color scheme that makes them unique. Selecting a matching color for your new windows is a very important step in the process of choosing the right windows. Whether you have a modern and contemporary home or a grand Victorian manor, it is always best to let your current home’s architectural style be your guide.

Decide what purpose you want your windows to serve

It’s no secret that the main function of any window is to let in light. However, they can also serve as a doorway (like a sliding glass window door that allows you access to a porch or back garden). Consider which rooms your windows will serve and which is more essential-a good view or plenty of light to brighten a dark space is more essential than in a closet or pantry space. 

Consider using colorful window frames and mullions to complement your home

Colorful mullions can add a splash of color to your home if it isn’t bright to begin with. No matter which windows contractor you have chosen, be sure to opt for windows that have the color infused into the frame material, this way you won’t have to paint them. Brock Doors and Windows offers replacement windows in a wide variety of stock as well as custom colors.

Choosing accent colors for your new window frames

Trying to decide what color of exterior paint can be a real challenge for Toronto homeowners. Use the surrounding homes as well as the scenery to get an idea of what colors are already present. First, choose a color for the trim, and consider using this same color for your window frames. Many Toronto homeowners choose a main color for their home and then select two accent colors-the first for the trim of the house, and the second for the window frames. Whatever you decide, Brock Doors and Windows is here to help, and when you choose us, you can rest assured you will be working with the vinyl replacement window experts!

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