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Brock’s Guide to Cleaning Vinyl Windows

February 06, 2017 0

Vinyl replacement windows are one of the best materials you can choose for your Toronto home improvement project. Not only are vinyl windows affordable even on a small budget, but installing them can actually help you to save on your utility bills! Whether you have just recently replaced your old windows or are making plans to do so, Brock’s simple guide to cleaning vinyl windows in Toronto will make your upkeep a breeze!

Routine Maintenance on Your Vinyl Windows Is Important
Part of ensuring that your vinyl replacement windows remain in good condition is regular upkeep. First of all, vinyl windows are specifically designed and manufactured to be low maintenance and they won’t ever need to be painted or stained. Keep in mind; even though vinyl windows are low maintenance, it’s still a good idea to set some time aside each year for cleaning and damage inspection. 

Vinyl Window Cleaning Supplies
There are several recommended options for cleaning fluid, most of which can easily be mixed at home. You can either use baby shampoo, mild soap and water mixture, or vinegar and water. Use clean, non-abrasive absorbent cloths or dry, lint-free cloths and a brush with soft bristles. Get an empty spray bottle, a sponge and also a vacuum cleaner. To prepare your vinyl windows cleaning solution, add 1 tsp of baby shampoo to a gallon of water, or 1-1/2 cups of vinegar to one gallon of water.  

Vinyl Window Cleaning Procedure
Regular Windows: Rinse the surface of your window with clean water from top to bottom first. Next, clean with your cleaner using a sponge or a soft brush, applying even pressure first horizontally, and then vertically. Quickly, before the solution has a chance to dry, rinse and dry off with a clean towel.
Insect Screens: First, spray the surface gently with water and use your brush to softly brush the surface until it is clean. For dirt that’s difficult to remove, scrub the area gently with the soft bristle brush using soap and water and rinse until clean. For the vinyl windows themselves, inspect the sash once a year. If the sash is removable, remove it before you inspect. Check the window glass carefully for any cracks. If it is cracked, call your local glass supplier for a replacement. Clean the sill track regularly with a vacuum or thoroughly wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.

Brock’s Recommendations for Best Results
Never wash your vinyl windows with a power-wash machine or a garden hose, as this can cause your seals to fail and let water into your home. Avoid using sharp or metal tools and abrasive cleaners because they can damage windows surfaces and remove any exterior glass coatings. Some cleaners or solvents can severely damage vinyl surfaces, so never allow the cleaner to pool or collect at the edges of your windows. If possible, avoid cleaning in direct sunlight or in severely hot or cold weather.

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