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The A-Z of Window Replacements

June 04, 2016 0

New Windows Brampton ON

Installing new windows in Brampton, your home can improve your comfort, peace and quiet, and best of all, reduce your energy bills. But before you go to all that trouble, it is good to get familiar with some of the tell-tale signs that your windows really need replacing.

Signs Your Old Windows Need Replacement

#1-Most window experts agree that if your home has old poorly-performing windows, you should get them replaced.
#2-Windows that are difficult to open or shut completely or are loose and weak due to poor maintenance are perfect candidates for replacement.
#3-Windows in poor condition contribute to humidity issues, airflow and water leaks in your home and even pest infestations. Cracked panes and rotting window frames are also excellent signs that your windows should be replaced.

This practical A-Z guide describes the four key factors you need to consider for choosing energy efficient units: Frame, glass, style and installation.


Wood windows offer good insulation, but they require laborious upkeep. Because of the potential for rot, they are not a good choice for rainy climates like Brampton. Although strong, aluminum frames are not the best choice of material regarding heat transfer and loss. Fiberglass windows are very energy efficient, but they are one of the most expensive options. Vinyl windows are one of the most inexpensive options, but this certainly does not mean that they are “cheap”. A quality vinyl unit is a practical choice for your budget and at the same time offers excellent energy efficient properties. One of the main aesthetic benefits of vinyl windows is the variety of colors available, as well as wood-grain technology, which creates the texture and appearance of wood without the rigorous maintenance demands.


Look no further than a window’s glass to discover that unit’s energy efficiency properties. All windows with Energy Star labels have ratings that make it easy for you to choose the right window for you. Look for the U-value (which measures a window’s resistance to heat loss) and the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which measures how much heat is allowed into your home through the glass). For both of these ratings, the lower the number the better window performance you will receive. Low-E, argon-filled, double-pane windows provide significantly more insulation than a single-pane window. These windows will protect the interior of your home from summer heat and UV rays, and also prevent heat from escaping in the winter.


The window style you choose should always complement your home’s design. With so many designs available, there is a style for every home. The experts at Brock Doors & Windows can help you choose the windows you need to suit your unique design vision.


Keep in mind that even the best windows will not perform effectively if they are not properly installed. Top quality installation requires know-how and an expert eye. Window, improperly installed, can cost you hundreds of dollars. Don’t take the risk. With Brock Doors & Windows, you aren’t alone. We are committed to your satisfaction during every phase of your project-from purchase to installation!

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