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May 25, 2018 0

The question, “what kind of replacement windows should I choose for my home?” plagues us all, at least once in our lives. Replacing home windows isn’t a common home task—so, of course, most are unsure of where to start, who to talk to, what to look for, and how much to spend.

Change is exciting! But, it’s a bit overwhelming when you’re unconfident in the pending changes. At Brock Doors and Windows, our team is highly experienced in guiding unsure homeowners in which steps to take. To get you started, we have compiled these helpful tips just for you! Read on!

  1. Choose windows that reflect your personal style
    To avoid feeling disconnected with your personal space, make sure the replacement windows you select from Brock complement your home’s architectural style. For example, if you live in a cottage-style house, casement windows with decorative grilles are lovely. For an antique-style home, double-hung doors are perfectly vintage.
  2. Ensure you get the amount of light and ventilation you need
    Often, homeowners choose to undergo a window replacement project with Brock to bring more light and/or ventilation into their Toronto, ON homes. Before we begin, let’s look at this together—is there enough natural light in each space? Do you get the cross breeze you want? If not, let’s fix this.
  3. Choose the right accent colour
    Is your house missing that something you love about other homes? When you come home from work each day, are you uninspired by what you see? Does your home’s first impression seem to fall a bit flat? It may be that a new accent colour is all it needs to have a life breathed back into it. Here are some ideas:
  • For a gray house: darker gray replacement windows (trim and grille)
  • White home: be daring! Red, navy, black—almost any colour will work!
  • Red brick home: traditional wood with a dark stain
  1. Use your windows as a focal point
    Replacement windows are more than just light-givers and airflow-givers. They should be worked into the décor of your home in the same way a piece of art would be used. If you happen to have picturesque views, take advantage of them! We can custom build windows perfectly shaped and large enough to capture the outdoor beauty. If the architecture of your home is particularly unique, let’s find window styles, shapes, colours, and unique details to enhance your interior spaces. Bay windows (multiple pieces of glass placed together to form more floor space indoors) are an ideal way to add to your bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas for additional sitting space.

If you still find yourself plagued by the question, “what kind of replacement windows should I choose for my home?” come and visit us here at Brock Doors and Windows. We would love to help you decide on the perfect new replacement windows in Toronto, ON!

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