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May 28, 2018 0

To gear up for the season of sunbathing and barbeques, the team here at Brock Doors and Windows wants to help you prepare your Toronto, ON patio!  

Every year, if you’re anything like I am, you wait impatiently for the last of the snow to melt, for the sun to get stronger, and for the air to warm up enough to hit the deck—literally—and enjoy the outdoors. But, if your outdoor space is sub-par, let’s work on that now, before summer is officially here so you’re ready to make full use of your patio space! Here are some of our experts’ best patio ideas for 2018:

Clear out the clutter/storage
I know. This isn’t exactly an “idea.” But, this is the first necessary step to prepping your patio for the warm months ahead. Admit it—when patio season ends each year, somehow your outdoor space becomes a catch-all plot for junk. How this happens to us all every winter is a true wonder. Clear it out!

Freshen up your outdoor furniture
Relax—no one is going to try to convince you that the patio furniture you purchased last year needs to be replaced. Well, I’m not going to try to. But, freshen it up! A colourful throw pillow or unique centerpiece for your picnic table is a sweet little detail that can make a familiar space feel new again. If any of your flower pots from last year are worn, run to the nearest hardware store and pick up a cheap can of outdoor spray paint and liven them up! What colours do you want to see in your space this year? Go for it!

Stringed lights
We see these in every magazine spread of covet-worthy patio spaces. But, so few real people actually have them! Jump online and check out the different styles! There is everything from tiny Christmas stringed lights to teeny-tiny lantern stringed lights to uniquely shaped bulbs.

Upgrade the patio door
You know if your patio door is due to be replaced. If it’s worn, inoperable, too small, too cumbersome, or ugly—reach out to the professionals at Brock. Pretty patios don’t have time for unsightly or inoperable entrances! While you’re considering options, remember to keep an open mind. You can go bigger, better, and more beautiful than you think you can and stay within your budget.

Whitewash the wicker
Wicker furniture is super popular. But, (again, I’m suggesting you pick up a can of outdoor spray paint) brightening them from tan to white makes a world of difference for a weathered-looking space. The whitened wicker adds a soft, feminine layer to the plot of stone, rock, or concrete you might have outdoors. An area rug with white accents and a vase of fresh white flowers on the table will help tie everything together.

What ideas do you have? We’d love to hear them! Come visit our team here at Brock Doors and Windows! We’d be thrilled to help you choose a new patio door in Toronto Ontario for the upcoming season! See you soon!

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