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August 04, 2017 0

Growing up, my family had very few “luxury” features in our home. We were, at best, middle class for most of my childhood. This is not to suggest we went without—we did not; we were very fortunate and if we were lacking in anything, I never knew it. I watched my father build the house in which I grew up with his own hands. Literally. He and his closest friends had a collection of skills and trades between them that, collectively, got the job done.

I remember my daddy lowering me into the ground where the foundation would eventually be poured to create our basement. Here’s where the laundry room will be… Here, we’ll have a bathroom one day… When the frame went up and we could walk—carefully—throughout the fledgling structure, I remember my mom showing me the space where my room would go; it was to be down the hall from the kitchen and dining room, adjacent to theirs. My window would face the back yard. Oh, the dreams I had for running through the sprinkler and building forts. 

In all of my memories woven into our family home in Brampton, ON (where my parents still reside), I remember most fondly the anticipation surrounding the patio door. For years, we couldn’t afford the intended addition off the dining room: an upper and lower deck leading to our garden and my playground. I remember looking at the space where a patio door would one day be in such expectation.

And then, the time had come: my dad and his friends and brothers reunited for a week of deck-building. It would be a few more years before the lower deck was added and the patio complete, but the time was finally here: the patio door would soon be unlocked and our connection to our environment would deepen.

I sat with my coloring books and Barbies at that patio door counting down every minute that passed until I could slide it open and run outside to blow bubbles or watch Mom and Dad work in the garden. That patio door meant more to me then than I fully understood.

Brock Doors and Windows made these memories for my family happen all those years ago. Yes, of course, it was my sweet and childlike anticipation that colored the importance of that patio door—but aren’t we all childlike in our anticipation of new, beautiful features such as a quality patio door? Don’t we all love to watch our homes evolve and to delight in our children’s excitement? Patio forts and sprinkler games, Barbie weddings and bubbles in the summer sun, deck dinners and barbecues… All these memories happen just beyond the threshold of our patio doors.

Now, as an adult, I remember my first Brock patio door in Brampton, ON and I smile. I’m comforted by the memories framed with that door as the backdrop and I happily sit at my own kitchen table, planning the next dinner with my friends and family on my patio, at my outdoor picnic table, just beyond my very own Brock patio door.

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