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June 15, 2018 0

This year, summer ideas for the patio space are incredible! Whether you have a porch, pool, patio, or small concrete slab off the back wall—the team here at Brock Doors and Windows wants to guide you in creating a luxurious outdoor space you can take FULL advantage of this year! After all, the weather is warming up (sort of…) and soon enough your evenings and weekends will be centered around being outside!

Let’s check out 5 patio space ideas that are perfect for your 2018 upgrade!

  1. Versatile patio tables
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a table that feels intimate when it’s just you and your loved one enjoying the sunset, yet big enough to accommodate a larger gathering? Look for square tables you can push together to create a large seating area when needed! The majority of the time, one table can be used against the side of your home to place candles and flower pots—easily movable when you need to dine with friends!
  2. Mood lighting
    String lights go a long way and are very Jump online and check out the HUNDREDS of options! You’ll find everything from white “Christmas Tree lights” to small globes to lantern-like strings of lights. When the sun goes down, twinkling stringed lights make for a relaxing and lovely setting.
  3. The right patio door
    If your current patio doors are outdated, inoperable, or leaking your conditioned and heated air outdoors—it’s time to upgrade! Check out these suggestions:
  • Sliding patio doors. Our North Star patio doors have been an industry leader in the manufacture of attractive and energy-efficient vinyl windows and patio doors since 1985. This option will add natural light to your indoor space and extra visibility to the outdoors. Plus, you’ll enjoy improved energy-efficiency for your home!
  • Garden sliding patio doors. For those homeowners who love the look of a garden door but do not have the indoor space to allow for hinged, swing-open doors—our Imagine patio doors are the right choice! This patio door is suited for every setting, whether yours is urban, country chic, or traditional! And, of course, you’ll enjoy added energy-efficiency with this Energy Start qualified door option!
  1. Shady trees
    Obviously, this suggestion can’t easily happen overnight. But, look into your future and consider investing in planting a few trees that will bring you shade during the summer months. Depending on how your patio space is shaped, you can plant trees in four corners or on opposite sides of your space. Over the years, they’ll grow and bloom and add to the beauty of your yard. Plus, they make great “posts” for stringing lights!
  2. Patio chandelier
    Stringed lights are lovely, but you’ll love the “wow” factor of an outdoor chandelier. Are you a DIYer? There are all sorts of ways to repurpose materials in your home into a gorgeous outdoor focal point. Get crafting!

Which idea will you incorporate first this summer? If you decide to tackle the patio door in Toronto—give our team here at Brock Doors and Windows a call! We’d love to help!

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